Farewell to my faithful companion


Two Polars – RS 800 and FT 60

Who am I saying farewell to? My Polar FT 60.

It’s funny to write about something like a heart rate monitor but I’ve always had difficulty getting rid of stuff because of the emotions I attach to them. Call me sentimental but that’s how it is.
I first wrote about my Polar FT 60 way back when I started this blog in January. It’s an important (and perhaps the most important) training tool anyone could have as it monitors the most important part of the human body, the heart.
When I began to really understand the power of using the heart rate monitor I was able to plan my workouts and make sure every minute of time and every ounce of effort counts.
The first time I ran 10km
I like to train alone and my Polar FT 60 has faithfully been with me every time I workout in the last 6 months.
My very first workout on it was Sept 23 in a session on the elliptical trainer lasting 31 minutes where I burnt 313 kcal at an average heart rate of 74%.
My last workout on it was about 6 months laster on 20 March also on the elliptical trainer in a session lasting 36 minutes  where I burnt 240 kcal at an average heart rate of 66%.
In those 6 months I had recorded and achieved:
Days – 179
Workout duration – 276 hours 16 mins
Calories burnt – 109792 kcals
345 sessions
401.6 km of running
And my weight had come down from 120kg to a much slower number (which I’ll write about later- see here for the milestone post on my weight).
It’s been with me through all my significant milestones and had given me encouragement when I needed it.
My Polar FT 60 registering 21.1 km in my longest run
I would have been happy to carry on with it for years and years. This is a great watch.
For me, wanting to compete in a triathlon requires me to master 3 disciplines, swimming, cycling and running. A lot of people would say to go and just do the exercise. I don’t think I’m a gifted athlete and I can’t say I have natural talent in eithe rof these 3 disciplines. I may seem like a gadget geek (which I am) but more importantly, I need data on how I;m doing so that I can improve.
The FT 60 lacks 3 things which I really need to improve:
1. A stride sensor which can give cadence and stride length for running
2. a cadence sensor for cycling
3. a speed sensor for cycling
It’s because of these 3 features that I decided to get the RS 800. I’ve been using the RS 800 for the last 4 days and I have to say, it’s awesome. I’m so much more aware of what I’m doing and where I need to focus on.
I had initially wanted to sell off the FT 60 but I don’t think I will now. It still useful for me to monitor my heart rate when I sleep and it’s a great way to figure out what my morning resting heart rate is. I’ve given all the FT 60 accessories like the G1 GPS, the Polar Flowlink to Lina for her to use. I’ll just keep the watch and the heart sensor.
So a quite moment for an old friend. Thanks for getting me this far.

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