Facing the Facebook 2009

In the last 6 months I have been inundated with emails from Facebook saying ‘so and so is on facebook and wants to connect with you’. Thus far, my only activity on Facebook is to approve requests from people to add friends. I was sort of resisting using the site as a protest against going with the crowd. ‘Everybody was using it so i won’t’ sort of thing.

Well today, I have decided to fully utilise the power of facebook. I actually went in to look for old school and uni friends and I have already found 2. Wow.

So 2009 will also be a year of reconnecting for me using facebook……..

2 thoughts on “Facing the Facebook 2009

  1. Facebook does not want black people on it’s site-I think Mark Zuckerbergand his staff are a bunch of racist white folk, they are very nasty and rude to people of color , yes who post pics of themselves and family so you clearly know the race of people you are being rude too, i am strongly asking all people of color to delete their accounts. i will not stop until the site Facebook is down for good…..

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