Excuses Begone – Dr Wayne Dyer

>I like to read books and watch videos which has anything to do with the power of the mind. Dr Wayne Dyer is a brilliant thinker and has provoked many thoughts and raised many questions in my mind. One of his latest books is called ‘Excuses Begone‘ where he writes about the bane of excuses and how strong the impact of excuses in limiting our outcomes and results.

I reckon a lot of the internal motivation that I have that enables me to move on every day has a lot to do with understanding how the mind works and taking advantage of it.

In conjunction with Excuses Begone, Dr Wayne Dyer also released a series of video on YouTube that explains the concepts behind getting read of excuses.

Have fun and maybe now is a great time to think of the excuses that has been running your life and limiting your results.

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