Easy bike and base pace run- 26 Jan 2011


Having fun while I’m running

(Original post 26 January 2011)

Did a easy brick workout tonight. 10 km on the bike and 3 km base pace run. I want to get used to transitioning between cycling and running. I enjoy these kind of workouts as it gives me a real sense of accomplishment. Not much drama today other than the fact that my pace at 71% seems to be faster than last night’s run.
My splits for the laps are as follows:
Lap 1. 4.03
Lap 2. 3.59
Lap 3. 4.00
Lap 4. 4.00
Lap 5. 4.07
Lap 6. 4.00
Lap 7. 3.54
Giving an average of 4 mins per lap which is a huge improvement over last night’s average of 4 mins 17. It’d be interesting to see if that same pace can be maintained for another 7 laps.
It’s a great feeling when you track your progress and see improvements….

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