Portraits- Liz Jasri

Meet Liz Jasri. I bumped into her (or actually she bumped into me) at Alexis, Great Eastern Mall. We got to talking over lunch and I found out that she and another friend of hers, Dura, is starting a child activity center called Doodlebug.

It’s a very interesting concept. Basically, parents can send their kids to Doodlebug during the day and have them join activities such as painting, dancing and gardening. Activities will be planned for the entire day all year round. You just look at the schedule of events and register your child for it. Very different from a day care center which I suppose is a place where people take care of your kids for the day. I’m thinking of how I can add photography to the list. How do you teach a bunch of 6 year olds about photography…

Anyway, do visit Doodlebug’s site. They should be in full operations by April. Can’t wait to see how the response is….

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