Don’t Make Me Present

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Presenting is one of the most important skills to have no matter what you do.
So many people just give on the way they present and their ideas never get heard.
PRESENTATIONS ACADEMY is an amazingly simple system for techniques,  tools,  tips and templates for content, credibility confidence and context in the area of presenting and communicating.
Learn in an environment that is experiential and empowering and entertaining at the same time.
An amazing 97% of participants have stated that Presentations Academy is the best training they have ever attended in any subject
Imagine that you have a solution to a problem your company is facing or imagine you have a way of overcoming a challenge your team is experiencing or imagine you have a great idea that’s going to change the world.
Wont you get frustrated if you are not able to share and present those thoughts to the world?
To Improve the way you present, you need to stop looking at presentations as this big scary and intimidating concept and break it down to smaller more manageable components.
CONTENT  is about what you say, CREDIBILITY is about how you say it.
When we talk about CONFIDENCE we ask questions like:
How do you handle nerves and jitters when you’re waiting for your turn to present? How do you  stay calm and cool despite the fear? What do you do when your heart beats faster and your hands become sweaty?
CONTEXT focusses on your mindset, how you approach mistakes, what you do when you practice. How you make yourself learn to be better.
These are the 4 key Components that you need to master to become a powerful presenter.
To master these 4 components you have to consider, learn 4 things.
The first thing you need are simple TECHNIQUES.
The second handy TOOLS.
Tools help you perform any task more efficiently.
The third thing you need are TIPS.
Tips are small advices and corrections that helps you refine your presentations.
The last thing you need are TEMPLATES.
The more templates you have, the more ready you will be.
There are many reasons why our workshops get extraordinary results but i’m going to mention 4 of them which I call the 4Es.
Firstly, we have invested lot of time,  effort and money to create an ENVIRONMENT that encourages  learning.
Presentations Academy workshops and seminars are extremely EXPERIENTIAL.
The third E is our focus on making you feel EMPOWERED.
And finally we have the 4th E. And the 4th E is about ENTERTAINING.

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