Dewan Rakyat and live telecasts

The Star reported today that the live telecast of Dewan Rakyat proceedings in parliament maybe scrapped due to the uncivil nature of the first few days of parliament. I sincerely hope that the live telecasts would remain and not scrapped. This is a necessary part of getting political maturity in the country. The people need to see what is happening in Parliament. EVen if there was a lot of ‘show’ and ‘talk’ by MPs (from other side), I think it will gradually settle down and peoplke will get on with the business of legislating. If we scrap it now, what we are saying is that the people (and maybe the MPs) can’t handle it and that they are not ready. My question is, when will they be ready? What needs to happen for them to be able to handle it. That day won’t come if we don’t face the challenges now. If the people are not happy with how an MP is doing, then they will show their displeasure in the next elections.

So let’s hope the live telecast continues.

Addition: 12:00 AM 3 May 2008 – Thankfully, Cabinet has decided that the show must go on and that the live telecast will continue. Perhaps cooler heads prevailed. This is good news.

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