Developing a vision

Roll 48_0028
Shadows of a gate

Now that I have solved my film developing woes I can concentrate on the vision of my photography. I read an excellent article by George Barr on Luminous Landscape entitled ‘Taking Your Photography To The Next Level’. In Part 3 of that series, Mr Barr writes,

‘It seems to me that to start, you are looking for scenes which have an emotional impact on you. Then you go about trying to show that somehow. If on the other hand, you see something and think it will make an interesting composition, no matter how carefully you line things up, no matter how subtle the lighting, fine the detail, delicate the shadows – it’s unlikely to create a reaction in it’s viewers which you didn’t see first. First you find the interest, then you find the picture, not the other way round‘.

What do these words mean to me? Well, I think it means that I need to start looking for things I have a genuine interest in. Then I need to immerse myself in it. Enjoy the experience. Relish the environment. I must admit, my best pictures have come from events and occasions where I have a deep emotional attachment.

So what are my interest? That’s the subject of my next post.

Meanwhile, I leave with some images taken, developed and scanned yesterday. What a difference it has made in my photography to finally be able to develop film properly.

Roll 49_0016-Edit
Trees and flags

Roll 50_0031
Street lamp and building

Roll 50_0019-Edit
Birds on a wire

Roll 50_0016
Street Lamp and sky


Roll 50_0028
Shadows of a gate


All images Canon EOS 3 EF 50mm f/1.8 Lucky SHD 100 ID-11 11 mins @ 24 deg c 1+3 (N+1) EI 100

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