Daily Logs 27, 28, 29, 30 June 2011 – Busy working on my book ‘ReActivate Your Life – How To Make Changes And Achieve Anything You Want In Your Life’


OK. I have been neglecting writing here for a few days. So now I have to make a quick recap of the activities during the day. Before I do that, the book ‘ReActivate Your Life – How To Make Changes And Achieve Anything You Want In Your Life’ that I’m writing is going well and my new website will be launched next week. I’ve also been working on some audio recording as well as articles about some of the principles I’m going to include in the book.

The other exciting thing is that I have registered as a contributor to ezinearticles.com. I’m still a novice at writing and this is one of the steps I’m taking to improve my writing. Have a look there if you have the time.



This is swim day (in fact this is swim week). I went for my workout at the National Aquatic Centre in Bukit Jalil and was introduced to a new contraption, a snorkel. Not just a snorkel but a snorkel that’s designed to make me swim better. Basically it helps me keep my head still when in the water. It’s designed in such a way that if my head is not perfectly still, I would breath in water instead of air.

Cool eh?

After a few laps of this I can actually feel my head position improving (of course it has to because I got fed up with breathing water).

I have lot’s of other contraptions to help me swim but this is the only one that focusses exclusively on form and technique. And it’s great. I highly recommend it and you can get it from Finnis.


Again, back in the pool and speeding more time with the snorkel. I find my pull getting longer and my glide becoming more stable after a gazillion laps with the snorkel. When I swim without, I can definitely sense a change in my swimming strokes. It doesn’t seem to as hard now.


Rest Day. I’m sick again with the flu as well and a cough. I’m getting sick too frequently now and I’m afraid that it could be a sign of over training. Besides, even without the flu I was going to take a rest day because I hadn’t had a rest day since the Standard Chartered Run.


Because of my relative lack of workouts in the last few days I decided to go all out today and did a brick workout of swim bike run.


I’ve decided that if I’m not able to do the freestyle in one piece during the triathlon then I would do the breaststroke. So I decided to try out swimming 750m exclusively with the breaststroke. It took me about 31 minutes which I have to say I’m quite happy with. Even if I could sustain the freestyle for 750m, I would only be going 90 secs faster per 100m than I would for the breaststroke. My freestyle 50m time is 1:15 while my breaststroke is about 2 mins. Everything else being equal, I would do the 750m in about 19 mins. 11 minutes extra is not a big deal I think.

I’m less stressed with the swimming now as I know I can do the breaststroke.


I biked for 12 km tonight. It’s not really a long distance and since the triathlon I’m doing in July has a 20km bike leg, then I don’t need to go long yet.


I ran for about 20 minutes as I didn’t want to shock my body after a 4 day break from running. BUt I did run fast though and managed a lap time of about 2:11 (as compared to 2:45 usual lap time). Over the next few weeks I will focus on speed for both the bike and the run and I think brick workouts will be my staple workout until the triathlon.

So there you go. I will be more diligent in making sure I don’t miss out on writing on this blog.

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