Daily Log 9 June 2011 – pushing my limits every single day

My first time open water swim



Ever since I started this journey I seem to have new found confidence in everything I do (despite the many setbacks and failures). I think it’s because I’ve just gotten used to pushing my limits every single day when I work on improving my swimming, cycling and running. If I was not able to view failures and setbacks as mere learning experiences, I would have given up this whole triathlon training a long time ago.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a project at work which is to deliver a 1 day programme to 3000 people in Oct 2011. The largest crowd I have ever spoken to is about 250. Going from 250 straight to 3000 is a ridiculously big jump so it needs a lot of planning and a lot of motivation. Not only that, I have committed to writing a book which will be launched at the same event. The outline of the book is ready and I have a general idea of how the book will be. Now I’ve just got to sit down and write it. Part of the plan for the event also includes lots of audio cds as well as video as well as small booklets of various topics

Where do I find the time to train for the triathlon, plan for a 3000 people event, write a book, record myself on audio and video, write little booklets and allow myself to sleep and have some time off?

I don’t know. I just have to be diligent in the planning and chunk things down as much as I can which brings me to an interesting topic- How to make big plans manageable and achievable.


One of the most profound things I’ve learnt over the years is the art of chunking things down. I’ll give you the example of the book I’m writing. It first appeared as a daunting goal to me. How do I write a book in less that 4weeks (which is the time I’m giving myself). Of course it’s daunting if I approach it as 1 book. What I have managed to do is to break the book down into chapters, and the chapters are then broken down into sections and the sections are further broken down into bullet points.

So now instead of having to write a whole book, I have to write about 11 chapters, about 100 or so sections and finally about 500 or so points. Absolutely manageable (hey if I can get myself to zero swim, bike and run to an acceptable swim, bike and run, I can do anything).

All I need to do is lock myself up for 4 hours a day, 7 days a week for 4 weeks (which comes to a grand total of about 100 hours) then I can give myself 1 hour per session. You may think this is madness and it probably is, sometimes we have to live on the edge and push ourselves as we may never know what we are capable of doing until we do so.


Today is swim day (again) and I spent 2 hour in the pool (that 2 hours felt like an eternity). This is the workout for the day:

  • Warm up 75m freestyle 25m breaststroke (3 times)
  • 25m sprint 25m easy (4 times)
  • 100m paddles and pullbuoy 100m paddles only (8 times)
  • 300m freestyle with fins
Yes, you read that right. That’s over 2000m worth of swimming and my arms and legs feels like jelly. This is what I need to do to get myself ready for the swim portion of the triathlon. The paddles and pullbuoy workout really took a lot out of me and I find my form deteriorating at the end of the workout. My arms are just to tired to keep up. I figured though that If I do the triathlon swim workout 3 times a week (2 hours each time) I would have done about 20 sessions and 40 hours worth of swim workout (that is not including the 4 hours a week additional that I plan to do on my own) then I should get myself more than ready for the triathlon in July.
I still have severe issues on my bilateral breathing technique and is the one thing that bothers me (there’s a lot more issues on my technique but this is the most stressful for me). I’m going to make sure I master the bilateral breathing technique even if I have to spent less time on cycling and running.
So there you go. Let’s see what happens to my swimming in a couple of weeks time.

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