Daily Log 9 April 2011 – Bike and cross training


Photo by Johan Sopiee


This is my third day of cycling this week and today I tried something different. I had focussed on keeping a high cadence during the sessions on wednesday. On friday’s session I had written that maybe cycling at a higher gear will enabled me to go faster. I had managed to cycle about 13km for both these sessions. In today’s session I decided not to focus to much on my cadence and focus on technique whilst pedaling at a higher gear. Sure enough I went farther in 40 minutes than I did previously. 

This is My POLAR data today:

Average Heart Rate 67% MHR
Calories 459 kcal
Average pace 1.41 min per km
Average Cadence 69
Distance covered 22.41 km
Time 40 min 25 sec

Funnily enough, my average cadence throughout the workout was 69 which is not far off from the previous 2 sessions. Instead of 13km I can now cycle about 22 km in the 40 minutes which is a big deal for me. This will be the staple of my biking workout for the next 2 weeks before I start doing intervals.

I am am planning to do another brick workout tomorrow. I’ve done 2 already this week so I’m really looking forward to some big improvements.


I had a workout on the elliptical today. Haven’t done that for awhile. It seems very different these days and I really have to push hard to get my heart rate up. Tonight my heart rate didn’t even pass 70%. When I first used it about a year ago my heart rate would easily jump to 75% MHR even at the lightest setting.

POLAR data as follows:

Time 41 min 31 secs
Average heart rate 61% MHR
Cal burn 385 kcal

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