Daily Log 8 April 2011 – Cycle and Run Brick


Yesterday was a disaster for me. For some reason I wasn’t able to sleep till about 4 in the morning and I had to be up by 7. 3 hours sleep is not good for the body. As a result, I felt lethargic and tired all day. I couldn’t even summon the energy to do any workouts so I decided to take the day off and focus on the other important things in my life- like work.

After resting for a full 48 hours I felt like a million bucks today and I was inspired to do some hard workouts. Last time I worked out was 2 days ago and I did a cycle and run brick workout. Cycling has been something I have neglected for the last 3 weeks, preferring instead to work on my swimming. So this week I’ve decided to focus on my cycling. Today I decided to repeat my efforts and do another cycle and brick workout.



Today’s workout felt very different than wednesday’s workout. I had written that wednesday’s workout on the bike was tough, very tough and that my legs were burning. Today I felt much better and the workout felt easier. I’m not so sure whether this is the correct strategy but the big change I made was to cycle slower at a higher gear than cycle faster at a lower gear. I was very determined to make sure I reach a high cadence and that was what caused the fatigue. Cycling slower at a lower cadence actually enabled me to go faster and I think maybe as my cycling muscles adapt I will be able to achieve a higher cadence at the same gearing and the same heart rate.

This is My POLAR data today:

Average Heart Rate 70% MHR
Calories 486 kcal
Average pace 2.53 min per km
Average Cadence 67
Distance covered 13.85km
Time 40 min 07 sec


Today’s transition was also different than wednesday. My legs were not as jelly like as it was on wednesday. I was careful to make sure that the last 3 minutes of the cycle was very easy and smooth, unlike on wednesday when I tried to cycle faster in the closing stages. Definitely a useful thing to remember. Change the cycling in the closing stages of the cycle leg to prepare my legs for the running.

Transition time : 5 minutes


It’s such a joy to run these days. I had earlier thought that running was going to be my weakest link but it’s now become the strongest. I’d be happy one day to hear people say that running is his strength.

Today’s run was a bit different as it is based on the tempo POLAR program I created. This is workout profile:

Phase 1 – Warm up 15 minutes 60%-70% MHR
Phase 2 – Moderate run 10 minutes 70%-80% MHR
Phase 3 – Hard run 10 minutes 80%-85% MHR
Phase 4 – Moderate run 10 minutes 70%-80% MHR
Phase 5 – Warm down 15 minutes 60%-70% MHR

Phase 2 moderate run was tough today as I had to really pace myself so that I won’t exceed the 80% MHR limit I had set. When Phase 3 came I perked up and ran and started getting 2 min 50 laps and it was fun. I wrote earlier that I have the best time running between 79% and 82% MHR. Today’s running felt very good at 85% MHR.

(whats Maximal Heart Rate – MHR? Read about it at my post on MHR and heart rate monitors)

My POLAR data as follows:

Time 60 mins
Average cadence 63 (76 during Phase 3)
Average stride length 55 cm (64 during Phase 3)
Average Heart Rate 73% MHR (83% during Phase 3)
Running distance 4.09 km
Calories burnt 777 kcal

Total calorie burn 1263 kcal

I think the day of that I took really paid off. Even after this moderate to hard workout I don’t feel tired and am ready to go for it tomorrow morning.

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  1. >Good to see people who are commited to working out 🙂 I would love to try cycling but its not my cup of tea, running is my passion but who knows one day I just might incorporate cycling too 🙂

  2. >Hi Nick. Running is my passion too. Maybe because I do better at it than swimming or cycling. I do have visions of ultra marathons in the future……

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