Daily Log 7 May 2011



The 10km Larian Boma 2011 will start in a little over 8 hours. Flag off for the race is 7:30 which means we need to be there at about 7 which means leaving home at about 6:30 which means waking up at 5:45. Sleeping has always been a problem for me. I have problems sleeping the night before all of the events I have entered so far (except for the 2011 Energizer Night Race which obviously was held at night). It was the case for the FT Day 2011 run as well as the 2011 World Kidney Run.

So tonight I’m going to do some visualisation before I go to sleep (not too late) and hopefully I’ll be able to get at least 6 hours sleep before I have to get up. It’s most likely though that I will not sleep as intended so I have to find another strategy (and I have to find it quick).

I have never ran a 10km event before so tomorrow will be a significant milestone for me. I have surveyed the route for tomorrow’s run and apart for a 500m steep(ish) incline at the beginning and a climb up the highway flyover, the route is pretty much flat all the way which is extremely good news for me.

My main focus tomorrow will be the warm up when I get there. Nothing to strenuous. Just a light jog to get my heart between 60%-70% MHR so that my legs can wake up. I just have to get through the chaos of the start and concentrate on not getting caught up in everyone else’s running. I want to be able to focus on my own pace. I’m aiming for a 1 hr 20 min time tomorrow which will get my gold medal placing on my personal medal tally. If I get that then I’ll be a happy camper.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow morning.

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As part of my preparation I did an hour of very low effort workout (60%-70% MHR) on the elliptical trainer this afternoon. Not a strenuous workout but enough to get the blood flowing.

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