Daily Log 7 June 2011 – Who we are today is not who we were yesterday otherwise we haven’t grown at all



I started this blog on 21 Jan 2011. That’s just over 4 months ago. One of my first postings was about a 5km run that I did. It always thrills me to read things I’ve written earlier. It’s like I’m reading about someone else’s life. To a certain extent that’s true as the person I am today is a different person that the person I was when I wrote that blog. I don’t mean that I have become a completely different person. Rather, I have a learnt a heck of a lot and I don’t mean just knowledge but also about myself. There’s been a lot of failures and setbacks. A lot of accomplishments and victories as well.

And that’s the beauty of going through something like training for a triathlon.

I am forced to go beyond my limits many many times and I’ve discovered that these limits are merely limits I put on myself.I am forced to face my fears many many times too and I’ve discovered that the fears are mere creations of my own mind.

I am forced to learn to have more compassion for myself as failures and setbacks would often lead to self punishment and even self loathing.

You don’t have to go through a triathlon to experience these things. All you need is a mission and the will to go through the journey. The rest will just follow.


I am still not well and am coughing quite badly though I think that the worse is over. It didn’t stop me from having a light workout on the bike today. I was supposed to do both a 5 min interval training on the bike as well as some running speed work. I didn’t want to push it though so I skipped the running part. I’ll do that tomorrow.

I’m slowly increasing the resistance on the bike and in doing so I can feel my hamstrings tightening and getting sore which is a great thing. Today’s workout was particularly stressful. As hard as I try to I can’t get my cadence to go above 50 and there are times I have to get off the saddle to push the pedal much like what I have to get uphill.

I hope I am strong enough to run tomorrow morning. Tomorrow evening is the hard workout for the swim which I definitely cannot miss.

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