Daily Log 6 May 2011



I’ve been slowly increasing the intensity and duration of my weekly workouts as part of my effort to transition from the Base Phase into the Build Phase of my triathlon training. The base Phase is all about getting mileage in all the 3 disciplines of swimming, cycling and running and it involved long hours of working out at a slow pace. The Build Phase is all about pace and power which involves lots of speed work such as interval and fartleks. Another way of describing the difference between the 2 is that the I would stick to between 70%-80% (sometimes 85%) MHR for the Base Phase whilst I wold push my heart rate to beyond 85% MHR for the Build Phase.

One of the aspects of training is to make sure enough rest in order for the body to rebuild itself after working out. During my Base Phase of training I was able to get away with minimal rest because the workouts were not intense but since the intensity and duration of my weekly training has increased, rest becomes even more critical.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my morning Resting Heart Rate (RHR) lately to check for over training syndrome. Over training is exactly what it is- training too much without sufficient rest. My morning RHR has been consistent at 50 beats per minute (BPM) . If the RHR were to suddenly increase by 4 or 5 beats then it’s time to take a break of 1 or maybe even 2 days. I’m happy to say that it’s still at 50 BPM so I can keep pushing myself until my rest days.

Keep an eye on your morning RHR and make sure you don’t over train.

NOTE: I need to start reminding people that all the tips I write about comes from books and articles that I read. I am hardly the expert on the stuff and am still learning the stuff. If you haven’t been working out or running for a lont time, make sure you check with your doctors before you start working out. Better to be safe.


I was supposed to go for a swim workout this morning but when I got up it was too late. The plan was to head for the pool at 8 but I got up at 9 so I had to shelve that idea for the day. I’ll swim tomorrow.


To make up for not swimming today I did a slow transition bike session before my run for the day. Transition bike sessions are short sessions which I now do before I start running. This is a way for me to get my legs familiar with the changes it needs to do in the transition from cycling to running. This is different from a brick workout where both the bike and run is of a high intensity. Transition bike sessions are not meant to be intense as the purpose is just to train the legs to be more efficient in switching between disciplines.

This session consisted of 30 minutes of fast cadence (above 90) at a low gear and low resistance. Then it’s off for the short run I planned.


This run session was not meant to be a long one. It’s just to get my legs all fired up and ready for the 10km Larian Bomba 2011 which is coming up on sunday. Legs feel pretty good for this workout and I was able to do between 2:45 and 3:00 per lap (at the park near to where I live) and I was able to do that  at about 79% MHR. Funny I remember doing a minute lap at 3:00 a few months ago but my heart rate would shoot up to 85% MHR. Now I can do it with less effort (which also means that my pace at 85% would be much faster.

10km LARIAN BOMBA 2011

I’m starting to get nervous with the Larian Bomba 2011 as it will be the longest running event I have participated in so far. This is uncharted territory.

My personal medal position is going to be as follows:

80 mins and below- Gold
80 mins – 90 mins – Silver
Finishing – Bronze

I’ll have to go through my usual pre-race preparation tomorrow, both mentally and physically.

Let’s see what happens on sunday.

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