Daily Log 6 June 2011 – New found energy in swimming



After my disastrous and breakthrough experiences during the Triathlon Clinic, I have found renewed energy in my swimming workout and have committed myself to as much swimming as I can squeeze in in order to improve both my swimming stamina as well as my swim techniques. I have about 7 weeks left to get my swim in shape and If I go to all the swim workouts I would have swim a total of 42 hours and probably an unbelievable distance. I will make sure I don’t have anymore issues in swimming.


With my new found energy in swimming, tonight’s workout seemed very manageable:

  • Warm up 75m freestyle 25m breaststroke 4 sets
  • 25m sprint freestyle 25m easy freestyle 3 sets
  • 10x100m fins and kickboard
  • 5x100m paddle and pullbuoy
  • 4x100m hard freestyle
  • 100m warm down
My next workout is wednesday which is hard day. I’ve never actually been to a wednesday workout before and believe it or not, I’m looking forward to it.
Let’s see what happens eh?

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