Daily Log 6 April 2011 – Cycle and Run Brick



I finally got my butt on the bike today after about a week of not cycling. I now have to make sure that I don’t leave my cycling behind. If I do, I know I have to pay for that omission sometime during a triathlon event.

Today my cycling was part of a brick cycle/run workout. The last time I did a brick workout was in Feb so today’s workout is meant to signal me making the bicycle a serious affair.  I also wanted to make sure that I match as closely a triathlon Transition situation.


I have to admit, the bike is giving me serious issues here. I mounted my bike on the trainer wanting to ride for 20km. I had setup a workout on my POLAR RS800 which basically consisted of a 40 minute workout. My theory is that if I am able to cycle at 30km per hour then I should finish the bike in about 40+ minutes (45 to be exact). But I know now that that is kinda wishful thinking on my part. No matter how hard I pedaled I found it difficult to keep a fast pace. My legs were burning. I think I had gotten the bike setup correct based on the POSE cycling video I mentioned in an earlier posting so now it’s my muscles that needs to be trained. My POLAR data for this workout:

Average Heart Rate 66% MHR
Calories 437 kcal
Average pace 2.58 min per km
Average Cadence 72
Distance covered 12.31km
Time 40 min 23 secs

I know I need to work on my cadence and bring it up to above 90. That’s going to be my target for the next few weeks.


When I finished with the bike, I got off and started to make my way out to run. I was wearing my Nike Free for the bike ride (I had stopped using clips to make sure I get my POSE cycling technique right) so it was literally a matter of getting off and getting out to run. My legs really feel like jelly and I was stumbling all over the place. It was as if I had completely lost my sense of balance and my legs refused to follow my instructions.

I did a slow jog to my home park where I run to make sure I get my fotting back. Gradually my sense of balance came back and I was able to walk straight.

When I got to my designated starting line and started running.

What an unusual experience and definitely something I have to continue to practice.


My POLAR data for this run are as follows:

Time 47 minutes 15 secs (5km time is about 42 mins)
Average cadence 77
Average stride length 58 cm
Average Heart Rate 81% MHR
Running distance 4.2 km
Calories burnt 740 kcal

I had actually ran for more than 5km this time round eventhough my POLAR stride sensor registered 4.2 km and I am also convinced that my stride length is also longer. I had written earlier that my POLAR stride sensor needs to be calibrated so this is becoming a big deal for me. I must calibrate it soon.

I notice these days that I only get my ‘dream’ rhythm of running after about 2 km of running. Before I get into the zone, my running technique would be all over the place. When I get in the zone, I can feel my strides becomes more graceful and the effort becomes less of an effort. My optimal running seems to take place at a cadence of about 79-80 and at an effort between 79-82% MHR. Anything below that seems awfully slow. Anything above that becomes a bit tougher.

So today, I enjoyed the last 3 km more than the first. Maybe it’s because I had just came out of cycling so my legs needs to readjust to the running.

Another thing I noticed from tonight’s brick workout is that I get thirsty all the time. It’s almost as if my body is constantly yearning for water and I know I’m definitely drinking more water these days. When I finished the workouts my shirt would be soaking wet.

So there you go. Time to go to sleep now (or at least try to go to sleep).

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  1. >Hi. Thanks for dropping by kbguy. Funny I never noticed that but you're right. Actually, I'm wearing tighter tops in each photo so it seems like I've been putting on weight.

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