Daily Log 5 April 2011 – Swim and Run


Today is swim and run day and it was a great one.


There’s so many drills that I have to do in my swimming that I’m losing track of what I do. As far as I can remember, this is what I did tonight:

Slow pace freestyle (warm up) 4 x 50m
Superman glide 2 x 50m
Sculling None
Kickboard with Fins 4 x 50m
Kickboard no fins none
Freestyle with fins 4 x 50m
Touch and Go (aka Catch-up Stroke) with fins 2 x 50m
Thumb to Thigh with fins 2 x 50m
One arm front (none)
One armed freestyle with fins (none)
Closed Fist with fins 2 x 50m
Lazy arm none
Pull buoy freestyle 4 x 50m
Side kick with arm pull 4 x 50m
Moderate Freestyle 8 x 50m

Total Laps 36

I notice now that I am actually stretching my whole more body more especially with the introduction of new drills. It used to take me about 60+ arm strokes to complete a lap of 50m. Today I manage to reduce that to about 50 arm strokes so the fact that  I’m doing lesser number of strokes is really gratifying for sure. My arm is sore though because of all the new technique especially the sculling that I now incorporate into my strokes. I can feel my catch being more powerful than before and my reach is getting longer. My underarm is feeling the heat which  I think is good. I need to pay more attention to that area and probably incorporate some weight training to that area. My balance is still off when I do the pull buoy exercise but at least it’s better than before.

My POLAR data are as follows:

Time 63 minutes
Average heart rate 65% MHR
Calories 661 kcal

All in all, a great day for swimming.


The star of the day is my running. I decided to go for a midnight run tonight immediately after my swimming. I think last weeks running was a bit below expectations and I wanted to make up for it. In last weeks Weekly Log I wrote about the POLAR stride sensor calibration issue. My POLAR keeps registering a distance shorter than what my iPhone GPS is saying. So tonight I decided to run at my park and do my usual 14 laps which I know is exactly 5km give or take a few meters. As I had just come back from swimming there was no need to do any warm up so I really went for it hard. My splits were showing that I was running each lap at about a pace of 2 min 50+ secs and always maintaining it under 3 mins.

The great news is that I ran the whole 14 laps in 39 mins 15 secs which is a personal best for me. My previous best was 39 ins 30 secs which I did in Jan. The difference between this run and the one in January is that the January one was done in an interval running scenarion. Which was run like mad for 1 lap and walk for half a lap and I did that until I ran the 14 laps. Needless to say I was a wreck at the end of the run.

Tonight’s run was at an even pace (although I sped up for the last 4 laps when I realised that I can beat the timing). I ran the last lap at full speed and went up to anerobic 90%+. But I wasn’t a wreck this time around and could probably have gone for another 5 km.

This is great news as it really validates all the slow and moderate training I’ve been doing for the last few weeks.


My POLAR data for this run are as follows:

Time 39 minutes 15 secs
Average cadence 79
Average stride length 70 cm
Average Heart Rate 74% MHR
Running distance 4.37 km
Calories burnt 517 kcal

2 things to note here though. The distance recorded stands at 4.37km which I definitely know is off by more than 10%. Really need to get that sorted out. My average heart rate if 74% is also a bit suspect as I notice that the POLAR was getting a bit wild. Sometimes it registers a heart rate of 50% which I know is not possible especially when running with the hard pace. I must take it into the shop soon and ask why this is happening. I suspect the strap which needs cleaning.

Still, it doesn’t take away the fact that tonight was the fastest I’ve ever ran the 5km so big celebration time tomorrow. Maybe some Baskin Robbins….

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