Daily Log 4 May 2011



I had a late meeting at one of the Towers at KLCC this afternoon. To wait out the heavy evening traffic I decided to run at KLCC Park for the first time. I’ve always wanted to run there but never actually got round to doing it.

The running track around the park is 1.3km long and I went round 6 times (5 laps run and 1 lap walk). I find it odd to be running with other runners as I usually run alone. I found that I couldn’t focus on my own running pace and at times started to run faster than usual. I know this is odd as all running events has other people in it and I can’t expect to run alone.

All sorts of people run in the park. Some very fast, others extremely slow (like me). There are the obvious new runners running too fast and getting out of breath and the obvious seasoned runners who run at a constant pace. It’s scary to see all the running techniques employed by people and I keep thinking to myself, ‘that must hurt a lot’.

The run was so-so for me and I find myself struggling quite a lot. There’s something going on in my head and the voices telling me to quit is getting louder. I think I need to spend some time tonight listening to these voices. It must be trying to tell me something and if I don’t pay attention, I know it’s going to get louder.

I think part of the reason is that I have ramped up my training a lot in the last few weeks. I used to average about 6 hours and 4000 kcal’s worth of workouts. Now I’m averaging 11 hours and about 7000 kcal’s worth of workouts and my body and mind is reacting to this. I know I have to keep an eye on my body so that I don’t injure myself or over-train. I now know I have to do the same for my mind and emotions.

In everything we do, there is the physical aspect as well as the mental/emotional aspect so we must take care of both.


I am really focussing on my running technique these days, making sure my left feet is landing properly. That’s where my biggest challenge lies and the source of pain. I was averaging about 11 mins per lap (1.3km per lap) which gives a pace of aout 8.5 mins per km which is normal for me except that I achieved this pace at about 80% MHR which is great news. I know I’m getting faster. The question now is whether I can sustain that pace and maybe go slightly faster. 8mins per km will do my just fine.

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