Daily Log 4 July 2011


I went for the monday triathlon swim workout tonight and was really suprised at how much my swimming form has changed ever since I got that snorkel contraption. I wasn’t swimming at a champion pace but I managed to swim 1.5km in 53 minutes using a combination of 100m freestyle and 50m breaststroke. I’m really happy with that. If I keep this up, then the 750m swim during the sprint triathlon should be manageable provided I don’t freak out.

My strokes are getting smoother though I know I still have issues with my breathing. Something I will correct eventually. For the time being I want to focus on increasing the freestyle to breaststroke ratio so that I can build up my swimming stamina.

On another note, Grace had kindly offered to take me out on a swim outing on saturday at Templer’s Park natural pool. Thanks Grace. You’re becoming a life saver ad we’re going to conquer this triathlon together.

4 thoughts on “Daily Log 4 July 2011

  1. Hey Reza, I was thinking a bit more about your leaky goggle problem and I remembered your pic here and came back to look at it – I think it’s your eyebrow hairs that are breaking the seal on your goggles and causing them to leak. My goggles are smaller, and fit under my eyebrows. I remember my scuba diving instructor had a huge beard and mustache, and his mask was always leaking. He had to stop every once in a while to clear it, while underwater!

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