Daily Log 31 May 2011 – ‘If I had to do 10 curls which one do I want to do the least? Number 10. Which gives 90% of the growth? Number 11’ – Anthony Robbins




It’s been 24 hours since yesterday’s triathlon swim workout and my body is still recovering from it. My shoulders are sore, my forearms are sore, I’m sore under my arm, my legs are sore. I mean, seriously, my whole body is sore and I was questioning the wisdom of going through this.

I’t been about 4 months since I learnt how to do the freestyle. Endless hours and laps and drills in the pool has brought me to a certain proficiency in my swimming. The question is whether it’s enough. There’s a part of me that says ‘NO’ and there’s a part of me that says ‘HECK YES’.

Since I saw the ATM Triathlon on sunday, the ‘NO’ has been ringing quite loudly in my mind and I find myself thinking I have to do more, much more. Last night’s triathlon swim workout was part of doing more. The only question is, whether my body and my mind can handle it.

Obviously not, at least in my body’s current state. And I suppose that’s the case in all the situations where growth is required and demanded. The reading I’ve done says that the body can indeed handle it. The way it handles it is to adapt by going into a destructive mode on the muscles and once that’s done, it then rebuild itself. This process is never ending and that’s how we get better and stringer. Knowing that and actually experiencing and believing it is a totally different thing though. When it’s in destructive mode (i.e. induced and caused by last night’s workout), the body gets sore and it is painful. The only that we need to do is make sure we rest and give the body the nutrients and protein it needs for the rebuilding process.

But man, IT HURTS.The Tony Robbins quote in the title of this post sums it up quite nicely,

‘If I had to do 10 curls which one do I want to do the least? Number 10. Which gives 90% of the growth? Number 11’

I just have to keep pushing myself beyond my limits in order for me to experience that there are no limits.


Today was a short bike workout on the trainer:

15 mins warm up
5 mins hard, 2 mins light (repeat 4 times)
10 mins cool down

It’s getting much more difficult for me to push my heart rate to beyond 80% MHR. Once I get to 75% MHR my legs would be spinning so fast that I lose stability. Now I’m using a stronger resistance which makes my legs burn and the 5 minutes seems to go so slowly.

By the time the workout ended I was literally wasted. But it felt good.And for the same reasons as what I said earlier, the body will adapt and I will be a little bit stronger and faster.


Today was hill run day. There’s a hill near where I live which used to fill me with terror everytime I ran there. The hill is of moderate incline and lasts for about 150m. Most of the time I would simply walk it. Not today though. I was determined to run uphill no matter what it takes. Doing this a few hours after the bike intervals made it tough but not too tough that I can’t handle it. My heart rate jumped up and hovered at about 83% MHR. I made sure I paid attention to my form.

Small strides.

High kick.

Lean forward.

Breath with a steady rhythm.

I did the hill once, went back down, rested for 2 mins and went back up again and this time faster. I then settled for a moderate pace on the flat portion of the route and went home. That was a great workout and eventhough it was tough, I really enjoyed it. I just wished I can feel the same during my swimming workout.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to the running intervals which I am really beginning to enjoy. It’s the most rewarding part of my training other than the long slow runs at the end of the week.

Let’s see what kind of speeds I can get tomorrow.

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