Daily Log 31 March 2011 – Run and swim


Traffic stopping for me during the World Kidney Run 2011


I’ve been feeling lethargic the whole day today. I have several projects coming up in the next few months and have been working hard to ensure success. There’s also been some stress and worries on my mind lately and it has had an impact on my state of mind. When the mind is troubled the body cries out. I wanted to go for a run this morning and for the first time I couldn’t summon the will power to get up. Are all these hours of training catching up with me?
I hope not. My morning resting heart rate has been consistently in the 50 to 53 beats per minute. If I’m suffering from overtraining then one of the first indication is an elevated morning resting heart rate. Overtraining syndrome is a killer and one which needs to be monitored and avoided at all cost. I’ve been going at it pretty hard over the last few weeks and even though I maintain a low to moderate effort (I rarely go beyond 85% Maximal Heart Rate – MHR) I should give my body ample time to rest which admittedly I haven’t.
I’ll write more about overtraining syndrome in a later post.
Yesterday, I wrote about my ‘failed’ running workout. I wanted to use the POLAR exercise program and had chosen ‘Interval‘ as the workout. I wasn’t familiar with the workout and as a result I couldn’t anticipate what I was meant to do. I abandoned the Interval and just chose free run instead (which basically means no plan, just run). This morning I figured what the program involves:
15 minute warm up
Run hard for 1 km
Rest 3 minutes
Repeat 5 x
Warm down 15 minutes
From a workout perspective, these are my POLAR data:
Time 28:29 minutes
Average cadence 66
Average stride length 65 cm
Average Heart Rate 69% MHR
Running distance 2.46 km
Calories burnt 336 kcal
I was happily running away and was getting excited about the faster pace I was running at and was running my second km  when I felt a very slight pain on my right ankle. It wasn’t very painful and in normal circumstances I would just ignore it.
But since I increased my training volume, one of the things I’m extremely anal about is injury. Getting injured is the bane of an athlete and has to be avoided at all cost. But injury (apart from acute injury which comes from falling for example) can be overcome if one is aware (or very aware) of the signals the body is giving. When pain occurs, no matter how slight, it’s usually a sign of worse things to come. There are tons and tons of information I have gathered on injury and the consensus is the same,
‘There should be ZERO Tolerance for pain’,
which basically means if you become aware of a pain then you should stop. The concept of ‘No Pain, No Gain’ doesn’t and should’t apply fully here.
So, having become aware of this slightest of pain on my right ankle, I stopped running immediately and walked for about 2 minutes. I started running very pensively again and stopped when the pain reappeared. Then I decided to stop altogether and began my warm down.
The pain is gone now and I’ll go for a short run tomorrow to see if it returns. If it does then I have to give up running for a few days and allow my legs to rest (and heal) completely.
Pain is your best friend so listen to it. Ignore pain at your peril.
This is what my workout consisted today.:
Superman glide 2x50m
Freestyle 4x50m
Freestyle with fins 2×50
One armed freestyle with fins 2x50m
Lazy arm 4x50m
Freestyle 6x50m
Total Laps 28

My POLAR RS 800 data are as follows:

Time 69 minutes
Average heart rate 61% MHR
Calories 652 kcal

Someone commented to me that my freestyle stroke looks very smooth and he asked me how many years I’ve been swimming. I told him 1 month and though he smiled, I don’t think he believed me.

Strange huh? Maybe all the drills and workout are working eh?

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