Daily Log 30 March 2011 – Run and swim


In the pool..

Today is a normal day of workouts for me. I did a run and finished the evening off with a swim. The only thing of note today was that both run and swim was shorter than my usual workout regime. Work is catching up with me and I need to plan my day carefully so that I don’t neglect anything.

I initially wanted to run in the morning but caught up in thinking about work. I must plan better next time.

I wanted to use the interval training program in my POLAR RS 800. It’s the first time I used it and it didn’t workout very well. I need to familiarise myself with the program before I use it next time. I ran the usual warm up for 15 minutes expecting the POLAR to indicate an increase in the effort as is the usual case in interval trainings. When it hit 15 minutes it changed mode but didn’t indicate what heart rate I should run at. I ran for the next 10 minutes expecting the POLAR alarm to go off but it didn’t. Frustrated I switched to free run workout and determine the effort myself. I need to study the program before I use it again. An interesting thing I noted was that my pace is definitely getting better. In the past I used to have to run at an effort of about 83% to run a 3 minute lap. Today, I ran a 3 minute lap at only a 78% effort which I was able to sustain for a few laps. This is definitely the kind of thing I was looking for in my weeks and months of training.
From a workout perspective, these are my POLAR data:
Time 40:35 minutes
Average cadence 65
Average stride length 55 cm
Average Heart Rate 71% MHR
Running distance 2.9 km
Calories burnt 489 kcal

This is what my workout consisted today. I didn’t have much time so I only did 1 lap of each drill ot make sure I do all.
Superman glide 1x50m
Freestyle 1x50m
One arm front 1x50m (this is a new one which involves just using one arm whilst the other arm is fully extended in front)
Lazy arm 2x50m (this is a new one which is basically not letting my fingers leave the water during the recovery)
Freestyle 6x50m
Total Laps 14
I initially wanted tonight’s swim to be a long one and was going to go for 36 laps in the pool. I’m going to attempt that tomorrow night.
Time 33 minutes
Average heart rate 61% MHR
Calories 315 kcal
Total calorie burn today is an astounding 2804 kcal. This is a pretty normal day and fortunately (or unfortunately) there is no drama to report.

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