Daily Log 30 April 2011


I have a few 10km runs coming up in the next few months (and even a 16.8km run in October) and I know that I had better start training for it. Running 5km will not cut it anymore. Some of the events coming up are:

8 May 2011 Larian Bomba 10km

I’m getting pretty nervous about them. There are a few more events coming up which are not on the list but I’ll talk about them in another post.

I keep saying that my times this year doesn’t matter but the truth of the matter it that it does. Even if I am not going for a world class time, I’d like to be able to keep on improving with each event.

The only way to tackle this is to run longer and further.

As fulfilling as it is to have long and hard workouts, I know that the pounding that my body is taking could result in injury either emotionally or physically. These are the times that my one day rest days becomes important for my body as well as my mind to recover especially in view of the running and triathlon events coming up.

The journey continues tonight with a midnight run and a long one at that. The last time I ran 10 km was in early feb, also in a midnight run. In that run I managed a time of 1hr 48 mins 13 secs.
Tonights midnight run was based on a different strategy based on my POLAR programme:
Phase 1 Warm up 15 minutes
Phase 2 Moderate 70%-80% MHR 45 minutes
Phase 3 Moderate hard 75%-85% 45 minutes
Phase 4 Warm down 15 minutes
Total time 120 minutes
I didn’t run at my usual home park tonight, preferring instead to run a longer loop around the whole complex. Luckily for me, each lap was 1km so I could focus on 10 laps instead of the 28 laps if I were to run at the usual route.My Lap times are as follows:

Lap 1 11:52 mins
Lap 2 10:29 mins
Lap 3 10:10 mins
Lap 4 9:59 mins
Lap 5 10:00 mins
Lap 6 11:55 mins
Lap 7 8:49 mins
Lap 8 8:50 mins
Lap 9 8:39 mins
Lap 10 9:08 mins

Total time 1:40:41


I am 10 minutes faster as compared to february for the 10km.

I know I should celebrate more and I will though at the moment I’m too tired to shout. I just need to write this post, go to sleep and get up for a bike ride tomorrow.


Some thoughts on the run. I am so used to running laps that having to run fewer number of longer laps is a strange sensation. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Psychologically it feels easier because there are fewer number of laps. Physically I think I would need some time to adjust. Looking at my lap time you can see that there 2 laps which is slower compared to the other laps- lap 1 and lap 6. I walked those 2 laps which was a conscious decision on my part. I wanted to split the 10 km run into two 5km runs and the only way I could think of doing that is to have a break in the middle. I will probably adopt the same strategy for 10km races (and other races for that matter). I feel it’s easier to run two 5kms than to run one 10km.

The last 4 km times for both 5km runs

1st 5km – 39 minutes
2nd 5km – 35 minutes

Well, at least I had a negative split though the last 4 laps was done on fartlek workouts which involves me running at a fast pace. When I hit 85% MHR I would slow down to a walk until my heart rate goes to 75% MHR and I repeated this for 3 laps. This is the speed that I have to run at if I wanted to go to a 25 minutes 5km time though I cannot sustain it for long. Maybe 1 day that pace will come naturally at a much lower heart rate (80% MHR would be nice).

Time 45 mins (Phase 2) and 45 mins (Phase 3)
Average cadence 71 (Phase 2) and 69 (Phase 3)
Average stride length 53 cm (Phase 2) and 76 cm (Phase 3)
Average Heart Rate 77% MHR (Phase 2) and 80% (Phase 3)
Running distance 10km
Calories burnt 1583 kcal
One thing that’s beginning to jump out is that when I run faster, I tend to increase my stride length instead of increasing my cadence. Interesting. I read somewhere that runners either have a higher cadence as they run faster or a longer stride length. I had wanted to work on getting a higher cadence rather than a longer stride. I have to figure out how to do that.
I figured that If I can sustain a certain pace at 80% MHR for 90 minutes, then as I get lighter and my technique improves I will get faster at the same effort. This has been the strategy all along.
Checking my knees and ankles, they both appear to be fine. There’s some sores and aches here and there but nothing unusual.
So there you go. Time for bed now. Tomorrow morning I’m going to get out on the bike and on the road. Let’s see what happens.

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