Daily Log 28 May 2011 – So this is what a triathlon looks like




I’m at Melaka for the weekend, to watch the ATM Triathlon which will be held in a little over 7 hours. I’m getting excited as I see people on bikes riding and testing the course. I had registered myself for this event but decided not to do it as I’m not feeling the confidence for the swim portion.

The sea looks very choppy when I went to visit the swim and transition area and I’m not sure how people are able to swim through the waves.

Even I’m getting nervous and I’m not even participating. I wonder what it’ll be like when it’s my turn.


I had an easy swim in the hotel pool today and worked on some drills to improve my technique. Nothing major to report in the dailies other than the fact that swimming in hotel pools are irritating. Firstly because of the odd shaped pool that they insist on and secondly because you often get people playing around in the pool. Don’t they realize I’m in training? I got knocked a few times by some people swimming across the pool. Interesting experience though as I learnt how not to panic when knocked by other swimmers (I’ve read that happens a lot during a triathlon).


After swimming I decided that the workout was not enough so I put on Jilian’s Shred Workout which is on my iPad. I’m definitely getting better and stronger though I’ve only managed to get My push ups to 2 sets of 13. When I can do 3 sets of 30 then I’ll be happy.

Time to sleep now. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day.

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