Daily Log 27 May 2011 – The results we achieve are determined by what we believe we are capable of achieving




What do you want out of life? Of course all of us want to be successful in whatever terms we deem success to be. Nobody should be judged by how they define success. We can define success through material means such as by the numbers in our bank account, how fast our car can go or how many rooms are in our house. We can also define success by the impact we have on society in terms of how many people we help or a cause we devote to. Some of us define success in spiritual terms such as how we adhere to the commandments our particular religion lays down as a way of life.

All the things I mentioned plays a part in how I define success. At the immediate moment though, I define success by how far and how fast I can go either in swimming, cycling or running.

It seemed like so long ago that I used to view a 5km run with some amount of stress. I literally had to mentally prepare myself for the run all day long. It’s the same with swimming and cycling. Nowadays I view the 5km run as an easy day for me (it’s the same as swimming 30 laps in the pool or pedaling for an hour).

I’ve been reading up on marathon and ultra marathon training plans and some of the runs 15km or sometimes 20km (on consecutive days no less). Will there be a time when I will consider a 10km run as an ‘easy’ workout?


And here’s why.

I believe that if a person can run for 10metres than the effort to go for 20metres is not that much more.

If a person can run for 100metres then the effort to go for 200metres is not that much more.

If a person can run for 1km then the effort to go for 2km is also not that much more.

Similarly if a person can run for 5km then the effort to go for 10km is also not that much more.

You get the drift?

It’s all a matter of training the mind and then the body. 2 months after I started running I did the insane thing of running 21.1km (read the post here…). It was an awfully slow pace (3 hours 45 mins) but it was an important milestone for me as it helped shatter any doubts I have about what I am capable of doing.

Of course right now I am focussing on running distances between 5km to 10km but pretty soon I’ll be focussing on the half marathon distance followed by the marathon. I also believe that I am capable of running crazy distances beyond the marathon.

The point I am trying to make is to not rob yourself by limiting what you think you can do. If somebody else is doing it, then all you need to do is learn how they do it. Of course it takes effort (the things that are worthwhile often do) but it also requires you to believe in yourself.

One of the greatest gift you can give to yourself is to believe in yourself and if you do and take action on it, then the miracles will happen.


I pedaled for a total of 47km today. I’ve never cycled that far and it took me 2 hours on the bike trainer to do it. I feel a certain sense of accomplishment tonight for doing it though I wish I had done it on the road instead of on the cycle trainer. I think being on the road will make it easier as there will always be a destination. On the cycle trainer, I have to imagine the destination (and sometimes my power of imagination is a bit lacking).

I can feel a burn in my hamstrings now and it’s the kind of burning sensation you get when you’ve worked hard and today was hard not only on the body but also the mind. When I reached 20km I wanted to quit. When I reach 30km I wanted to quit. When I reached 40km I wanted to quit. Being on the bike (more so than running or swimming) is always a test of my commitment and the desire to quit is stronger than in swimming and running.

But I did it and that’s all that matters for now.

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