Daily Log 27 March 2011 – Bike and run


At the World Kidney Run

In my dailies last night I wrote about venturing out into the world with my bike. I’ve been working out at home with the cycle trainer and realise that if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it. I have issues with going out into the road. To be honest, I have a low tolerance for other drivers on the road. If you think about it, driving is probably the greatest frequent leap of faith that we do every day. We go out with the assumption that other drivers out there are not reckless. Maybe a majority of them are but there are those who are less careful. You could say I have a phobia on that one (one of many I might add). This phobia is probably one of many phobias I have to overcome if I am to compete in a triathlon. The other phobia is open water and the, dare I say it, bottomless floor that comes with open water swimming.


This morning I was rudely awaken by my alarm clock which had the audacity to actually think I was serious about waking up at 5:45 AM. I bought an alarm clock with an exceptionally large snooze button and press it a few times. But as it always does, my mind wouldn’t let me go to sleep so I grudgingly got up to get ready. I won’t have so much of a problem getting up normally except that this morning I was going out into world. I got up and got dressed and started to take my bike out onto the road. I couldn’t help thinking of JFK’s favourite quote which he kept at his desk at The Oval Office, ‘The Sea Is So Wide and My Boat Is So Small’. That’s exactly how I felt- small.

Anyway, I set my Polar RS 800 to bike and started to pedal. I actually felt good about it and got to the main road. So far so good- no cars. When I got to the highway, my fears for the best of me. I was supposed to take the SPRINT highway all the way to Kiara and back. A very short 10 km there and back. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t get that far. When it came to the time for me take the right turn into the highway, I took a left and proceeded to make a large loop back to where I started and I did that for 3 laps. I then did another smaller loops and finished 40 minutes later with glorious 8.88km done.

Average Heart Rate 61% MHR
Calories 373 kcal
Average pace 4 min per km
Average Cadence 68

One thing I did notice was that I had to pedal extremely fast in order to get my heart rate to go beyond 70% MHR. It’s no problem for me to get that high a heart rate when I’m running but cycling is another matter. I have to do that lactate threshold test quick.

Once I was done with the workout I went home a little bit defeated. I knew I copped out this morning. The triathlon is about 20 weeks away and I can’t go on like this. I need to get some mileage on the road with my bike.


While my cycling is not in the shape I want it to be, my running is another matter. After the bike let down I decided to go for a run and this time I would run the route I was supposed to take with the bike. It was a way for me to start getting used to the idea of cycling on the road. Instead of pedaling this time round I would be running.

It was a glorious day to run though by the time I got out, the sun was nearly at it’s peak. It was hot. Smoking hot.

The running strategy was very simple:

Phase 1 warm up 15 minutes
Phase 2 moderate run 45 minutes
Phase 3 warm down 15 minutes

The route I took had lots of inclinations and small hills so it gave me a great opportunity to do some hill work. My lack of hill running nearly wrecked the running events I’ve entered like the FT Day 2011 7 km run. The strategy is to take smaller strides and keep a smooth tempo. I had difficulty keeping my heart rate down though and there were a few times when my Polar went beeping as I had exceeded the 80% maximum MHR that I allocated for this run.

My Polar did go off a lot today though even when I was on flat terrain. I know its because of the heat. It’s normal to give 2-3% extra on the MHR to take into account the heat and additional energy required to handle the heat. I didn’t bring any water with me on this run so I couldn’t use that to cool myself down while I run. That usually helps with reducing the heart rate on hot days.

I felt great in this run when compared to the bike earlier. My Polar data are as follows:

Average cadence not available
Average stride length not available
Average Heart Rate 74% MHR
Running distance 6.69 km
Calories burnt 994 kcal

My cadence and stride length was not available because for some reason the Polar wouldn’t detect my stride sensor. Have to figure that out tomorrow.

So all in all a great day and a fantastic way to end the week. Lots to write about in my Weekly Report for this week. Till then cheerio.


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