Daily Log 26 March 2011 – Swim and bike


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I’m pushing on with my swimming drills today and I’m determined to get over some of the issues I’ve been having with swimming (see here for a post on my current swimming issues).  I’ve been swimming every night for the last 4 days now focussing on drills and techniques that I found on the internet and I think it seems to be paying off.

Not surprising for a saturday evening, the pool was packed this evening with parents and kids so I struggled to find a quiet spot for me to do my drills.


When I did find an opening I started with my usual stuff:

Superman glide 2x50m

Lazy arm 2x50m (this is a new one which is basically not letting my fingers leave the water during the recovery)
One arm front 4x50m (this is a new one which involves just using one arm whilst the other arm is fully extended in front)
4x50m freestyle
The one armed stroke was particularly tough for me as I currently breath on 1 side only, on my right. So when I am swimming with my left arm, I had to take the occasional right hand stroke to breath. I decided  to start learning to breath on both sides. I was a bit clumsy on the left side and I must have swallowed more water than in inhaling air. I got better at it as I practiced the breathing on my left side. I’m sure with more practice I’ll get the hang of it.
I finished with a slow 4x50m normal swim just to check on the improvements. Though I still need feedback from my swim coach I think my stroke is getting better. I am definitely not getting as tired as I used to with the swimming.
The Polar data are as follows:
Time 69 minutes
Average heart rate 56% MHR
Calories 538 kcal


I wrote earlier today about my bike setup. After my swim I decided to continue with a session on the bike trainer. I wanted to spend some time to get a feel for the new setup. Well, maybe not so new as the only think I changed was the saddle height.

I started slowly using the programme I created on the Polar RS 800:

Phase 1 Warm up 15 minutes
Phase 2 Moderate 10 minutes
Phase 3 Warm down 15 minutes

I focussed a lot on shifting my body weight from pedal to pedal making sure I pay attention to the 1 to 3 o’clock position. I feel a bit more relaxed on the bike now that I’ve shortened the saddle height. I also pushed the saddle as fas to the front as I can. I can feel the pedals being smoother than before and I also noticed that it doesn’t take as much effort now then when I started. Like my running I am not concerned about my pace at the moment. This year is not about pace. it’s about endurance and technique.

These are the Polar RS 800 data:

Time 40 minutes
Average Heart Rate 65% MHR
Calories 418 kcal
Average cadence 68 (note average cadence was 73 for Phase 2)
Total distance 12.52 km

Brilliant book

I found it extremely tough to push my heart rate to reach 80% MHR. I would have needed to pedal at a much higher cadence if I wanted to push my heart rate that high. I read in the book ‘Precision Heart Rate Training’ that different intensity applies to cycling when compared to running. To find out what my intensity levels are I need to do a lactate threshold test. I’ll write about it more when I get to actually do the test.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to venture out into the world with my bike. I’ve been training indoors since I got my bike and the only time I bike outdoors is on my Dahon folding bike.

It’s up at 6 and riding for an hour on the roads. Wish me luck. To all drivers, please drive safely….


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