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Who are the masters in your life and do you resent them. I wrote earlier about the principles of Mastery which lays down some sound principles for personal growth. There are 4 major steps and 2 key principles and I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately.

One of the major points relates to masters in our lives,

‘Another step on the path to mastery is the removal of resentment toward masters. Develop compassion for yourself so that you can be in the presence of masters and grow from the experience. Rather than comparing yourself and resenting people who have mastery, remain open and receptive; let the experience be like the planting of a seed within you that, with nourishment, will grow into your own individual mastery’.

This is one of the least understood principles in Stewart Emery’s powerful piece. Who are masters? As I look back in my own journey over the last few years there has been occasions when certain individuals would push me to the brink. It was extremely uncomfortable for me to go through it and often times some resentment would creep in and I begin to wish they would leave me alone even though they are simply asking more out of me.

I think these feelings of resentment is a signal that we need to heed. When we are pushed by these people, we are essentially being made to leave our comfort zone and that’s not something we like to do. Who would want to leave their comfort zone. By definition, it’s comfortable to be in our comfort zone and we have to be crazy to get out of it.

I recently had an experience regarding this. I have been swimming a lot in my effort to gain some level of mastery in my swimming. My strokes are not perfect but at least it’s much better than it was 2 months ago. I’ve been swimming an average of about 30 laps for each session and I’ve been able to clock a time of about 80 secs per lap (50 m pool). This is something I feel quite chuffed about. My target has been to swim a 60 secs lap. Which would then bring me to a 15 minutes 750m swim. I told my swim coach Saiful about my target and he gave me this look. You know the one. This combination of amusement and bewilderment. He looked at me straight in the eye and said, ‘Reza, that’s too slow. I think you can aim for 12 minutes. 45 secs per lap of 50m’.

And with one statement he completely knocked my balance out. To do a 45 secs lap of 50m means I have to swim twice as fast as I’m swimming and I have not got a clue about how to do it.

At this point i knew I had 2 choices in front of me. The first choice is to just dismiss the statement as bs and just not take heed of it. The second is to take that statement as true and work for it.

So which choice is the one that gives me the greatest room for growth? It’s obvious isn’t it. Reaching for that target of 12 minutes will surely do something to my whole triathlon training and not to mention my own psychology of what I’m capable of doing. There’s a part of me that’s afraid of the things I have to go through to be able to achieve that target (and that’s the part that will say it bs) and there’s another smaller voice saying ‘go for it Reza’.

So I’m going for it.

That’s the beauty of having masters around you. Just asking more out of you and believing you can do it in part of mastery.

Don’t resent. Just go with it. Trust them and grow from the experience.

As far as my 12 minute 750m swim. I’m going to join the triathlon swimming camp by Saiful. Once a week on thursday for 2 hours.

Let’s see what happens in a few weeks. I may just surprise myself.


OK. I know I said yesterday that I’m giving my running legs a rest. I made the mistake of watching the documentary on Ironman 2010 on YouTube and I just could not resist. So I had a brick session tonight; the bike and running.

It’s a pretty foolish thing to do and I’m trying to convince myself not to push my legs too much especially when I’m supposed to be resting it. Having said that the workout lasted a total of 84 minutes (32 minutes bike and 52 minutes run) and I covered a total of 25 km (20km bike 5 km run).


The POLAR data as follows:

Average Heart Rate 70% MHR
Average pace 1.38 min per km
Average Cadence 74
Distance covered 20.01 km (total- 27.86 km)
Calories 374 kcal
Time 32 min 45 sec

Since I know I’m going to run after this I decided to keep my bike to 20 km instead of the usual 15 min warm up followed by the 20km bike and ending it with 15 minute warm down.

Funnily enough I didn’t have any problems in my mind about doing the workout. I usually have thoughts of quitting in the first 10 minutes and this has been happening quite often in the last few weeks. No such thoughts cropped up today. Why? I’m not sure.


I took it easy for the first few laps around my home park as I didn’t want to push myself too hard for fear of injury. After running for about 15 minutes at my usual base pace of running (at 80% MHR) my legs, particularly my left ankle, felt fine. I decided to sprint for a lap and see what happens. So I ran a combination of 1 lap sprint, 1 lap walking and did it twice before reducing the sprint to half lap sprint and half lap walk (and did that twice too).

I managed a pace of 1 min 50 secs (average) for the 2 laps which is probably the fastest I’ve even run in my life and my heart rate shot up to 97% MHR which is way high. I can feel my running form deteriorating rapidly at the end of the lap. This is definitely something that I can’t sustain (scary that the elite marathon runners goes faster than that and are able to sustain it for more than 2 hours).

The great thing is that I can feel the POSE Method in action. I was landing both feet properly and my pull felt powerful. This is the form I want to be running in at 80% MHR.

I’m not going to do this kind of running often especially when I’m still carrying over 20kg excess weight but I will have to definitely incorporate this as part of my training plan.

My POLAR data:
Time 52 mins
Average cadence 61 (with a lot of walking) and 87 for fast lap
Average stride length 72 cm and 107cm for last lap
Average Heart Rate 74% MHR
Running distance 4.9 km
Calories burnt 663 kcal

My ankles (both of them) feel so much better than they did a few days ago (especially my left ankle). I know I can only tell tomorrow morning whether the decision I made to run was the right one.

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