Daily Log 25 March 2011 – Run and swim


The changes un my running form

Today is about more running and more swimming.

I’ve been working out twice a day this week at a moderate to hard effort. My calorie burn used to average about 600 kcal per day. This week it’s gone up to about 1000 kcal a day. That’s quite a big change and I find myself wanting to sleep earlier and whilst in the past it would take me awhile to nod off after hitting the sack, this week it’s almost immediate. I’m also finding myself wanting to take afternoon naps more often.

I did a little boo boo today. I’ve been experimenting a lot with my new Polar RS 800. I especially love the ability to design workouts and I’ve been trying out different ways to try to find what works. Earlier in the week I designed a workout which is based on a tempo run.


The running workout was basically as follows:

Phase 1 Warm up 15 minutes 60-69% MHR
Phase 2 Moderate run 10 minutes 70-79% MHR
Phase 3 Hard run 10 minutes 80-85% MHR
Phase 4 Moderate run 10 minutes 70-79% MHR
Phase 5 Warm down 15 minutes 60-69% MHR
The tempo run running programme is basically running at moderate and hard run pace for 30 minutes and with a 15 warm up and warm down. Total time is 1 hour and the programme does not take into account running distance.
Today I wanted to do a moderate run at 70-79% MHR and I had already designed one which had the following profile:
Phase 1 Warm Up 15 minutes
Phase 2 Moderate run 45 minutes 70-79% MHR
Phase 3 Warm down.
I call this Programme ‘Long moderate run’.
While programming this run I also decided to do a programme which is based on distance. The profile for that programme is:
Phase 1 Warm up 15 minutes
Phase 2 Moderate Run 1.5km 70-79% MHR
Phase 3 Hard run 2km 80-85% MHR
Phase 4 Moderate run 1.5km 70-79% MHR
Phase 5 Warm down 15 minutes
Total time will be based on whatever pace I can run and I called this one ‘5km Run’
I was psyched to do it and was planing to really enjoy this run. I started running at about 8:30. To start the Polar, I had to press the red button and simply press start and it will start monitoring my heart rate.
The first 15 minutes started as planned as I am getting used to a slow warm up. When it came to phase 2 I started upping the pace whilst maintaining the desired heart rate. I was running along enjoying the morning air when suddenly my Poalr started beeping madly. It started indicating that I’m supposed to run at hard pace. I then realised that I had selected the wrong programme. The problem was I didn’t know which programme I had selected. I thought I had selected the Tempo Run programme which I had done twice already this week. I don’t like stopping a programme midway so I thought to myself that I should just do this run and I can do the Long Moderate Run later. After 10 minutes of hard running I was expecting the Polar to go to the next phase which is back to moderate pace. The watch just kept going and going. 15 minutes went by and no change. By that time I realised that it wasn’t the tempo run but the 5km run and I couldn’t at that time remember exactly what the profile was. I was getting a bit desperate. The odd thing was that I can run at hard pace for more than 20 minutes but this morning I was totally not prepared for it.  Suddenly at about 16:30 minutes the watch relented and started indicating for me to run at moderate pace.
The funny thing is that this kind of running is something I am used to, having run at similar phases for the last 2 months. The difference here was that last night I went through my usual visualisation process and I was ‘programming’ myself to run at a moderate pace for 45 minutes.
What’s the learning here? Your mind is primed and ready to deliver whatever you want. Mine did this morning. The fact that I chose the wrong programme and how I struggled illustrates how important what we put in our minds. The clearer we are, the more our mind will find ways to realise our targets and goals. I got to start visualising me running like a world champ.
Average cadence 73
Average stride length 0.63 m
Average Heart Rate 72% MHR
Running distance 5km
Calories burnt 792 kcal
The date is pretty consistent with other runs this week especially cadence and stride length. My cadence is hovering at the 70s while my stride length is maintained at 0.63m.
I’ve been swimming every night now in an effort to improve my swimming stroke. Whilst the last few nights I’ve been determined to swim 15 laps, tonight the focus was on drills and technique. Yesterday I tried a few drills (see yesterday’s Daily Log) and today I decided to give up 15 laps to focus on the drills.
I first started with some superman glide which I found at the Total Immersion site (I wrote about Total Immersion earlier). The superman glide to me is about getting comfortable in the water and is actually quite fun and something I look forward to to kick start swimming sessions.
These are the rest of the drills I did.
Superman glide 2x50m
I then finished with a 2 lap normal swim to see if the drills had any impact. I think it did though I won’t until I get feedback from my swim coach. I need to also video my current swimming stroke and see for myself and I plan to do it tomorrow.
Some data for today’s swim:
Average Heart Rate 60% MHR
Calories burnt 337 kcal
Now it’s time to go to sleep.

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