Daily Log 24 May 2011 – Don’t expect different results if you keep taking the same action




I like to think of myself as a result oriented person. For the longest time I have always been someone who gets things done and delivers the results. You could day that I will move the earth if I needed to in order to get a particular result. Setbacks and failures are part of parcel of success. I’ve learnt that over the years that sometimes when there are too many setbacks and to many failures, it’s time to think about the kind of action that we’re taking and making some changes to them.

I had to relearn that lesson today and it was a painful one for me. For the longest time I’ve had the idea of organising a 1 day talk to a thousand kids. As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge I wanted to do it on a nationwide scale. 10 sessions in 10 states in 10 consecutive days covering 10000 kids in total. I knew I couldn’t do it alone so in October I gathered a bunch of like minded people and proposed the idea to them. Things went extremely well and we were able to secure our first pilot session in january. It was only for 150 kids but it was enough for us to test a few things before we decided to tackle a larger crowd.

After that, the team seemed to lose momentum and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out a way to inspire and motivate them. The tema gradually lost the ‘edge’ and as the weeks went by, the sense of urgency began to dissipate.

As the team leader I have to take responsibility for this. It’s no use wishing that things were different (though that thought crosses my mind quite frequently). I just have to figure out what I could have done differently.

Well. The project is still on my mind and I’m going to make sure I get it done. One way or another, it will happen.


I had an early morning bike and run brick workout this morning. I make sure I do a brick at least once a week. This is to make sure I can transition from pedaling to running with the least amount of pain. I haven’t done any swim and bike brick so I’m going to start incorporating that soon.


Today’s bike workout consisted of intervals of 5 minutes hard and 2 minutes recovery (4 sets). It’s really tough to get my  heart rate up above 80% on the bike. Even if I increase the resistance on the trainer I have to pedal with a very high cadence to even reach 75%. By that time I would start to feel the burning sensation in my legs and I start to slow down. This is obviously the effect I am looking for as my leg muscles start getting used to the higher intensity workout.

That was a tough workout. Now time for the run.


The run was also an intervals workout which consisted of intervals of hard running for 1 lap followed by 1 lap of walk/slow jog at recovery pace (3 sets). This was a great run (great but very tough that is) as I felt really good during the hard run portion. The timing for the 3 laps of hard running were quite impressive (for me at least) – 2:10, 1:55 , 1:57 ( my recovery pace for each lap is about 4:00 whilst my base pace is about 2:45). The 1:55 lap is probably the fastest I have ever done and it’s not surprising that my average cadence for the lap was 94.

I won’t of course be running at this pace in races (not yet anyway) but doing intervals like these will help increase my race pace. If I can maintain a 2:30 lap then I’ll be running the 5km in 35 minutes (which will do me just fine for now).


I went swimming tonight. Ever since that triathlon swim workout last thursday, I’ve been thinking about the state of my swimming. it’s quite awful and I now have to focus on refining my technique. Swimming is probably the most technical of the 3 disciplines of swimming, cycling and running. Huge gains can be enjoyed by focussing on improving technique.

Tonight’s session consisted of the following

4x50m warm up
10×50 metres paddles and pull buoy
2x50m kicking with fins and kick board, 2x50m pull and catch with pull buoy, 2x50m freestyle (repeat 3 times)
Cool down

I think my problem lies with 2 major components of the swim stroke; my timing and my breathing technique. I am still working on my bilateral breathing and it’s far from perfect. And because of this, I can’t get consistency between my left and right strokes.

Tonight’s session seemed better for me and slowly but surely, my technique is coming together.

Let’s see what happens at my next triathlon swimming workout.

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