Daily Log 23 May 2011 – I must remember to train slow to run faster and endure longer




Now that the high of sunday’s race (the Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah 2011 7km run) is over, it’s back to training. Today is meant to be an easy day which means no intense workouts. I ran 7km today at an average of 69% MHR. I was running each lap at about 3:30 (my usual is between 2:30 and 3:00). I haven’t had a workout at this pace for a long time. It used to be the foundation of my running, slow and steady run. For the last 4 weeks I’ve been focussing on intervals and hills to develop speed and power. I think part of the reason for me not being able to go under 60 minutes is because I haven’t been running at this slow pace for awhile. I remember writing a post called Training Tip – Train slower to run faster and endure longer. This is something I neglected in the last 4 weeks and I think I paid for it n sunday’s race.

After my 3 lap walk as warm up, I started to pick up the pace. It was a bit difficult at first as the tendency now is to run faster. This workout is about running slow and at about 70% MHR. Things got better after the 3rd lap as I settled into a rhythm of running and I was maintaining a pace which gave me 3:30 lap time.

I have to start increasing my distances for these kind of workouts now. I used to run 5km and increasing to 7km sort of made up for the lack of pace and speed. If I apply the 10% rule (which says I should increase my distances by 10% each week), then I should be happily running 10km by the time I do the PD triathlon in July.


One revelation I had during sundays race was that my heart rate monitor indicated that I was running at 103% MHR which translates to 191 beats per minute (see my post on maximum heart rate and why it’s important). The usual rule of thumb for determining maximal heart rate is 220 less your age so I used to set it at 180 beats per minute. This is a very rough guestimation and the best way is to have the MHR tested by a physician.

Then in one of my workouts I discovered that my heart rate went up to 186 beats per minute so I adjusted accordingly. During sunday’s race it went up to 191 beats per minute. The general rule is that our MHR would not change and would actually get lower as we age. I don’t think my MHR has changed. Its just that I am fitter and am less inclined to blow out at higher heart rates. I’ve adjusted my POLAR RS 800 accordingly and will now be working out at the higher MHR of 191 beats per minute.

Let’s see what happens.

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