Daily Log 23 April 2011


Today is a really bad day as far as my emotions are concerned. I’ve had a sort of upheaval in the last 24 hours and have felt really let down by people around me. I suppose it is the time for that. I’ve been on a high over the last 6 months so perhaps it’s only natural to go through these periods.

Admittedly, some doubts have begun to creep into my thoughts. I think it was brought about by my 5.5km timing at the Energizer Night Race. I’m not improving on my time at all and it’s stagnant at about 8-9 mins per km. I know I have to acknowledge that I am still carrying a lot of excess weight and that my times would naturally get faster as I lose my weight. It still doesn’t leave me with much confidence.

We all go through doubts sometimes. What do we do about them?

Well, the first thing I do when I have doubts is to acknowledge the doubts (writing this bog is part of acknowledging doubts as I do write whatever comes to my mind when I write my Musings and Thoughts). Ignoring the doubts is probably the worse thing we can do.

Once the doubts are acknowledged, then we can go about dismantling the doubts bit by bit. For me, a major cause of the doubts is my own unhappiness regarding what has transpired over the last few days. I know I have to address those disappointments someday. That’s another story.

Remember, it’s normal to have doubts. They are there to remind you of something that you have to do. For me, I have to take better care of myself and focus less on people who don’t wish to be supported.

When you have doubts, finding the cause of the doubts is already half the battle. The other half? Well, sometimes, it’s just as easy as loving yourself more which I must surely start to do.


Coach Saiful and me

Today is my last day of swimming lessons from my swim coach Saiful. I can’t believe that I’ve only had 4 lessons but the improvements has been so dramatic. My first swimming lesson was on February 19 and I couldn’t even swim the freestyle for 10 metres before stopping. Nowadays I usually swim about 20 to 30 laps. Although the pace is relatively slow (90 secs for 50 m) but at least it’s consistent.

I’m going to start triathlon swimming with Coach Saiful soon. 2 hours every thursday night and this is going to be a hard workout with other people training for the triathlon.

I asked Coach Saiful what kind of timing I should be aiming for as far as the 750m swim is concerned. He told me that he expects me to be able to do the 750m in 12 minutes.


That’s 48 secs per 50m which is like double the speed I am swimming now. To be honest, I can’t see it at the moment. Swimming that fast for that distance is so out of my reality. I was aiming for about 20 minutes which is about 1 min 15 secs per 50m.

Well, if he thinks I can do it, then I have to have faith in his belief and trust the training.


I haven’t run at all since last sunday, preferring instead to rest my legs and go for low impact workouts on the bike and swimming. I wrote a few days ago that I had started Core Conditioning workouts. Even from the brief time I spent on it 2 days ago, I can still feel the muscle ache. It’s not painful but it’s acing nevertheless.

I focussed today’s run on keeping my heart rate up though fartlek training. I would basically run fast (while maintaining proper form) until I hit a heart rate of 80% then I would walk until I get it down to 70% which usually takes about 1 minute. I then increased the peak heart rate to 85% and followed the same routine.

I noticed that my fast pace would only last about 20 secs before my POLAR would start beeping indicating I had exceeded my targeted heart rate. I did this for about 40 minutes and it was hard.

Still, this is a necessary part of the training and though I have dreaded going through this phase, I know it’s a necessary part of the conditioning I have to go through.


I have recently developed 2 sets of separate injuries. The first is my left shoulder at the rotating cuff. I think I over did one of the drills in swimming resulting in a strain on my left shoulder. This is also an issue of incorrect technique as the rotating cuff is one of the smallest set of muscles on the hand area.

The second injury is my left ankle. This has been a nagging injury and I think its resulting in Plantar fasciitis which is a condition involving pain at the sole of the feet. This would also be caused by improper technique. I can sense that I am not landing on my left leg in the same way as my right leg and that I am compensating for the injury.

I need to pay more attention to technique now that I am intensifying the workouts. The last thing I need right now is downtime because of injury. It doesn’t leave much rom for confidence and may make the doubts stronger.

Nuff said.

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