Daily Log 21 June 2011 – If you’re going to be here, make sure you add value to the world



A strange thing happened to me in the pool tonight. I wanted to go swimming after my bike and run workout today. As I was stretching and warming up before getting into the pool, I saw someone getting lessons from the swim coach at the club. I was getting really fascinated by him as I can see that he was really putting his heart and soul into each stroke. I was really getting inspired watching him learn how to swim and was just thinking that I need to get back into that mode if I’m going to improve my swimming.

Just as I was about to jump in he saw me and he stopped the lesson. He looked at me and asked me,

‘Are you Reza Ali’.

I nodded and said yes and then he said,

‘I read your blog and it inspired me to start swimming and that’s why I’m here’.

It was a bit of a shock for me that someone would say that and it sort of took me back by suprise. I mumbled something quite unintelligent and then asked me if he’s going to enter any triathlons soon. He said that he had considered joining but his swimming was in really bad shape. Then I told him that he should just enter a race and not wait to be ready. Then I said something completely moronic like, ‘look at me. I’ve been leanring for 4 months and I still nearly drowned’, which was a really, really, unbelievably idiotic and moronic thing to say. How’s that for encouraging people eh?

So Joe, if you reading this, I do apologise. What I meant to say was that ‘don’t wait to be ready as we’ll never be ready. Just enter an event and trained yourself for it’.

Anyway, this is happening quite frequently lately. Total strangers coming up to me telling me that they read my blog and start getting inspired. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. One thing for sure, I’ll definitely work and train harder now.


I did a bike and run workout today. Half an hour on each as I want to get myself really used ot the idea of running immediately after pedalling. No matter how long or how fast I pedal, I try these days to make sure that I run at a relatively fast pace. This afternoon was quite good as after going on the bike for 30 minutes I proceeded to do four 2:30 laps which leads to 7min per km.

My struggle is now psychological and not physiological. I know I can sustain the pace for the 5km but for some reason I would choose to stop. Something is holding me back and I’ve got 4 weeks to figure out what that is and get over it.


I did a combination of freestyle and breaststroke tonight, trying to get a feel for how long it would take me to do the 750m with that combination.  If I were to alternate 50m freestyle and 50m breaststroke I would do the 100m in 4 mins which would give a time of 30 minutes for 750m. If I go breaststroke al the way I’d do it in 35 minutes. If I go freestyle all the way I’ll do it in about 21 minutes.

Which one? Don’t know and I’ve got 4 weeks to figure it out.


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