Daily Log 30 May 2011 – What do you do when you are at your absolute limit? Do you quit or do you push on?




I went to my first monday triathlon workout tonight. Mondays are known to be a medium intensity workout (the highest intensity being wednesday’s workout which, needless to say, I’ve never been to). If I thought the thursday’s session was hard, I don’t have any words to give justice to tonight’s workout.

Watching the ATM Triathlon was a huge wake up call for me and I wanted to push myself hard during training so that my swimming improves. I used to go to 1 triathlon workout a week with 3 other spent on my own. After watching the ATM Triathlon I committed myself to all 3 workouts at the National Aquatic Centre. It’s the only way I can think of to improve and improve fast.

This was the workout for tonight:

4x50m warm up (with a drill at every 85m for 15m- the drill was to push my head up whilst swimming so that I can get my bearings in a race situation)
5x200m fins and kick board
5x200m paddle with pull buoy
3x200m fins only (supposed to do 5x200m but legs started cramping up)
3x200m paddle only (supposed to do 5x200m but ran out of time- I was that slow)
4x50m cool down

It wasn’t only tough. It was the toughest workout I’ve ever done (even running and cycling hard couldn’t match). My shoulders, arms, legs, hips, stomach, chest and everything else is just sore at the moment. But I know I’ve gone past a certain limit. I have to say that the desire to pack it in was so strong, the strongest I’ve ever experienced and I had to fight my inner voice throughout the whole workout. I wish I didn’t cramp up and that we had more time. There’s a part of me that now says I quit and that part of me is relentless in reminding me.

This is a medium intensity workout. What the heck can the wednesday hard intensity workout be like. Yes. I have to say that I’m considering not going and just sticking to the monday and thursday workout instead.

Find me some COURAGE please. Even a little bit will do.

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