Daily Log 2 May 2011


In an effort to convince myself that my swimming is going well I went to the pool this afternoon just to have a feel of my swimming. I intended to swim 30 laps which would have made it 1500m. From the get go things were just not going well. In my anxiousness to prove that my swimming is going well I tried too hard. As a result I knew my swimming form had deteriorated. The smooth(ish) stroke I used to have was gone. Instead I was presenting what I think is an awful show of fishmanship. I was going to slow yet my heart rate was shooting up in the high 70s. I managed to swim 15 laps in 36 minutes (with lots of stops in between). I decided to stop the workout as it was just not going anywhere.

One of the things I noticed was that I wasn’t relaxed at all and I was struggling in the water. This is not how its supposed to be and is a sure recipe for disaster in the open water.

My next swim workout is supposed to be on wednesday. I hope it turns out better that this afternoon’s swim. In fact I’m going to make sure it’s better. Back to basics and more drills.


Mondays are supposed to be my rest days but I figured that since I took a rest day last thursday it’ll be all right to have a light workout for today. I already had my swim and since I’m on a high with my run I thought I’d do a 5 km tempo run.

It was raining extremely heavily earlier so I had to wait till about 9:00 to run. I personally don’t mind foul weather though I do draw a line with thunder and lightning. When I was sure that there wasn’t any thunder I went out for my run. I started with mu usual 15 minutes warm up slowly getting my heart to rise.

It had rained so heavily that there were puddles of water all over the place. I was careful not to step in water but there were a few times when my feet landed smack in a deep puddle. I could hear the squish-squash of my shoes and I knew blisters were forming as I can feel my feet rubbing against the insides of the shoe. I also decided to stop this workout. I don’t want to be plagued by blisters. Not now.

Despite that I thought I had a fantastic run and was sorry I cut it short.


The legs felt strong eventhough they have been subjected to over 20km of running over the last 3 days. There were no pain in my ankle though I can feel a little niggle of discomfort in my right knee. I have to keep an eye on that knew and focus harder on my technique.

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