Daily Log 2 June 2011 – What to do when you’re sick and can’t workout

When I run I sometimes feel like a little kid...



I’m sick.

I have a mild fever, phlegm and a slight cough. I think this has been brewing in me for quite a while. I haven’t allowed myself to slow down with my workouts which probably contributed to me being in the condition I am in.

So today I gave myself the day off and spent quite some time lazing around on my bed. I did get bored so I decided to undertake a project I have been putting off for awhile. When I started this blog I thought I would use the Blogger platform instead of the usual WordPress. It would marvelously for awhile but I began to miss the flexibility of WordPress. After some research I decided to migrate the entire blog from Blogger to WordPress.Importing from Blogger into WordPress was a breeze and it literally took a couple of clicks. So now I have successfully imported all my precious posts into WordPress.

Whilst the import was simple, changing the domain name is presenting me with a bit of a challenge. I have changed the nameservers in Godaddy.com to point to WordPress name servers:


But now when I try to go to www.rezaalireactivated.com it goes to a page not found error message. This is not unusual as it takes sometime for the new DNS to propagate. Still, my heart is fluttering and I’m worried whether I have made a total mess of it. I’ve emailed Godaddy.com’s customer service and I’m just hoping that when I wake up tomorrow the problem will be resolved or I get an email from Godaddy.con on how to solve the issue.

Let’s see what happens…..

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