Daily Log 2 April 2011 – Swim and Run

My swim coach, Saiful, and me..


I had my third swimming lesson today. The last time I had my swimming lesson was 3 weeks ago and in that lesson we discovered 2 things:

1. That my recovery is sloppy- I lead with my palm instead of my elbow
2. I have to start kicking

So I’ve been going to the pool almost every day for the last 3 weeks doing a lot of drills and a lot of laps. My usual workout consisted of the following:

Superman glide
Slow pace Freestyle
Freestyle with fins
One armed freestyle with fins
Lazy arm
Moderate Freestyle
I’m happy to say that after all those drills, I can now see some results. My recovery is now better and I am leading more with my elbow (not perfect but definitely better).
Look where my left hand is. This causes my body to zig zag..

We identified new issues today:

1. I rotate my body too much
2. I am crossing my centre of body with my arm recovery as well as my reach
3. Not enough catch when I am pulling my arm
4. My timing between the 2 hands needs to be worked on. I am wasting too much energy
5. I am zig zagging too much in the water
6. I need to start breathing on both sides equally
7. I need to make sure I extend my arms fully both in front and the back
To solve all of this, I have new drills to master:
Side kick with arm pull
– this is what I call it though I am sure there is another more sophisticated name. This drill is done by extending one arm in front like a freestyle stroke. The other arm is at my side and both arms form a really straight line and I have to make sure I reach out with the extended arm. Whilst doing this I have to kick and continue kicking. Then I have to pull the extended arm and with very precise timing recover the other arm ready to strike for another stroke. I am sure a video of this would be better. If you’re confused by by description I take full credit. Suffice to day this one is hard.
– This is a completely new thing and consist of me the catch before I pull my arm in. Again, a video would be better. This one is also a killer.
Pull buoy
Pull kick buoy freestyle
– This one looks easy but is probably the toughest of the new drills I learnt today. I have to put the pull buoy between my thighs and do the freestyle. What the pull buoy does is to force me to keep my legs immobile so I have to rely completely on my upper body. The main learning from this equipment is balance. I found out today my balance really sucks.
Fins with kickboard
– This one is fun but tough. I would hold the kick board with both arms so my upper body is immobile. I have to rely completely on my kicking to move forward. Do this for a couple of laps with the fins and a coiple more without the fins
For the second time, my swim coach, Saiful, had asked me to attend the swim workouts for triathletes that he conducts on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays at Bukit Jalil Aquatic Centre. I have been tempted to attend ever since he asked me for the first time but there’s something about working with other triathletes that stresses me out. I think I’ll go this week on thursdays to see what it’s like.
My POLAR RS 800 data for todays swim are as follows:
Time 117 minutes
Average heart rate 58% MHR
Calories 949 kcal
After my swim I decided to go for an evening run. I haven’t been running for 2 days now due to a slight pain I felt the last time I ran. I’m happy to say that based on today’s running, I can’t feel that pain anymore. Today I decided to run the Kiara route which I ran last week. When I got to the point where I turned around last week, we decided to go on further all the way to KLGCC which added about 1 km to the route.
The funny thing today is that my POLAR RS 800 stride sensor gives me a reading of 5.92km which is about 1 km shorter than what iMapMyRun says. There may be a calibration issue here which is a real pain. It means that I have to go run a known distance so that I can calibrate the stride sensor. I don’t mind the running but the only known route I can think off is the 400m in a stadium track. This is not really critical as I only use the stride sensor to detect my cadence (and this does not to be calibrated). Still, the perfectionist in me says that I need to get the stride sensor calibrated. Maybe next week??

The run itself was great. There are 2 main hills in that course so I can practice my hill running which consists of shorter strides with higher cadence.

My POLAR Data are as follows:

Time 84:24 minutes
Average cadence 66
Average stride length 57 cm
Average Heart Rate 74% MHR
Running distance 5.92 km
Calories burnt 1136 kcal

I really have to start documenting the POLAR data based on the moderate run instead of the whole run. I do a 15 minute walk/slow jog at the beginning and the end of every run. This serves as both my warm up and warm down routine. naturally, my cadence, running distance, time and all the rest of the data will be affected. Must do that from tomorrow.

I also noticed that I am most comfortable running at an effort of about 80% MHR. At this effort, my cadence floats between 78 to 82 which is a good pace to keep. This effort and corresponding pace that works for me and I feel like I can go on forever at this effort. The problem arises when I hit hills, then my heart rate would shoot up to the mid 80s and beyond. I must practice more at running hills but only when my weight is in the high 80s or low 90s.

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