Daily Log 18 April 2011


Photo by Johan Sopiee


The Energizer Night Race (ENR) had come and gone but the aftermath continues. Even with with statements made by both the Organiser (Expose) and the Title Sponsor (Energizer) the runners who participated are still not pacified. Who can blame them? If I were to run the marathon for the first time that night I would probably be more angry than I am at the moment. Energizer had issued a statement that all participants will get a full refund. That doesn’t really pacify me. I’d rather hear about how next year’s race will be different and better organised than this year’s. I have a strange feeling that the Energizer Night Race will be no more in Malaysia which is a shame. I hope it doesn’t turn out that way.

I also hope this doesn’t scare sponsors away from amateur sports in the country.


I haven’t swam for a few days now and tonight I decided to go for a swim. I used to try to write down all the drills I did but lately I have not been able to keep up. All I can say is that I swam for about 50 minutes. I need to find a way to keep track of my swim workouts.

The swim itself felt different. Lately, I’ve been focussing on 3 things, my reach, my balance and my kicking. As far as reach is concerned, I can feel myself stretching to the max and I can feel my underarms aching after the swim. I suppose this is a good sign as it means that my underarms muscles are being activated and used.

What are the underarms? Well, for me it’s all the muscles between my armpit right down to my waist.

I can’t judge whether my balance is improving. All I can feel is that I am struggling less with the pullbuoy that when I was first introduced to it.

As far as my kicking is concerned, I am unconsciously kicking during my strokes now which is a good sign. Whether it’s kicking the right way remains to be seen.

At least all the drills I am doing is having an impact on my swimming technique. I can feel myself swimming faster now and I have to do lesser number of strokes compared to a month ago.

My POLAR data:

Time 53 minutes
Average heart rate 65% MHR
Calories 557 kcal

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