Daily Log 17 May 2011




I’ve been busy preparing for a talk I’m going to give tomorrow called ‘My Journey from Cameraman to Photographer’. Photography is my other passion and it’s something deeply personal to me. I keep another blog called Reza Ali The Right Eye (or I used to keep it, now it’s been left idle for awhile). To prepare for the talk I went through a lof of my pictures dating back to 2006. It sure brought back a lot of memories. I have stopped taking pictures for about 18 months now and now I feel the urge to get creative again. I’m going to pick up my camera and go walkabout I think.

Today was a hard day which consisted of 3 workouts; Core Workout, Bike Interval and Run Intervals


I worked on my upper body today and started of with Jillian Michael’s 20 minute Shred workout followed by some freeweights and the stretch cords. The Shred Workout still takes a lot out of me particularly the the strength portion which includes 2 sets of Push ups and 2 sets of lunges. I was never any good any push ups and can barely do 10. This is an indication of how poorly condition my Core is. it is getting stronger though I must admit, it’s the least of my favourite workouts. I’d rather be out running instead but I know this is essential to all 3 disciplines of swimming, cycling and running so I got to keep at it until I can see some marked improvements. I’de be happy to be able to do more push ups in a set (compared to my current 10 in a set).


I was supposed to do separate session of bike (morning) and run (afternoon) workouts today but since my morning was occupied (by sleep) I decided to do a brick bike/run workout in the afternoon.


The interval biking workouts consisted of:

15 minute warm up
5 minutes hard followed by 2 minutes slow (repeat 3 times)
15 minute cool down

The 5 minute hard workout is as it sounds- HARD. I have started to increase the resistance on the bike trainer and I have to admit, my legs were burning. I think I have to relook at the way I train on my bike. It doesn’t seem to be progressing very well and is probably the weakest of the 3 discipline for me (swimming comes close though).

I was struggling to maintain any kind of consistency on the bike today so I decided to scrap the interval workouts and just focus on smooth moderate pedaling. After about an hour of this it’s time to do the run.


The run workout is miles different from the bike workout today and is fast becoming my strongest discipline. Having just finished a bike workout there was not a real need to warm up other than what I need to switch between my bike legs and my running legs so I jogged slowly for 10 minutes before I let loose. The interval workout consisted of 10 minutes moderate run followed by 5 minutes of hard run (3 times). The moderate run was done at a modest pace of about 3:30 per lap whilst the hard run was done at a ‘blazing’ 2:30 per lap and I had to maintain the hard run for 3 laps.

I am feeling really good with running these days and feel so gratified at the pace I’m able to generate at the moment. Now it’s just a matter of convincing myself that I can maintain the faster pace for 7km. If I am successful, then I’ll run the 7km in about 45 minutes which would take me 18 minutes under my current personal best of 63 minutes for the 7km.

Let’s see what happens this weekend at the Larian Hari Keputeraan Sultan Azlan Shah 2011 7km run.

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