Daily Log 17 March 2011 – Swim Drills


My current swim stroke. Still leading with my palm

Sigh. I’m really frustrated with my swimming lately. I’ve been writing in my previous daily logs on swimming that I have a lot of challenges in my swimming technique. I can’t even begin to describe the technical issues I’m facing. From my legs to my torso to my arms stroke to my recovery stroke. It’s all a mess. Mind you, I haven’t been paying a lot of attention to swimming lately with nearly 70% of my time devoted to my running. I haven’t even cycled at all this week.

It’s funny how things turned out. I used to think that I will have more issues with my running that my swimming. My running is improving by leaps and bounds while my swimming is crawling along. Swimming is only 10% of a triathlon event so I shouldn’t worry too much. The least I need to do is be able to do the swim distance otherwise it really doesn’t matter how brilliant I get at cycling or swimming.

Today was swim drill day and I focussed on leading with my elbow instead of my palms. I think I’m improving my stroke but I can’t be sure until I get to my third swimming lesson. The only positive thing I can say is that at least I’m becoming more comfortable in the water and tend to panic less in the water. One thing for certain is that I need to relax more so that I can do smoother strokes.

I have to admit doubts are beginning to creep in to my thoughts. I need to pay more attention to getting my swimming right.

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