Daily Log 17 March 2011 – 5km run


If my swimming today was less than spectacular, my running didn’t disappoint me. I’ve got work to do at Pulman Putrajaya for the next few days so I was able to run the lake course there. I love running in Putrajaya especially around the lake. So scenic and picturesque and the air is different here than in KL. I did a 15 minutes warm up bringing my heart rate gradually from 55% MHR to 70% MHR. A slow walk turned into walk. A walk turned into a brisk walk. A brick walk turned into a slow jog and it went on until I was hitting a fast (for me) pace at 85% MHR 20 minute later. I sustained this tempo for about 2 km until I slowed down down again to bring my heart rate down slowly from 85% to 60% MHR. My average heart rate was 71% MHR and I know I would have been able to run another 5km if I wanted to.

I’m beginning to really enjoy these kind of tempo runs. I realise now that all the running I’ve done in the last few months has been a bit aimless. Now I have a strategy to build my endurance and speed as well as to make sure I get the best out of my running by proper warming up and warming down.

I’m going to take it easy for the rest of the week now so that I’m well rested for the 5km World Kidney Run on sunday. I’ll spend some time in the hotel swimming pool tomorrow and saturday to do more drills but no more running till sunday.

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