Daily Log 17 June 2011 – Commitment to technical excellence as a way of life

My first time open water swim



OK. After my drama during my swimming session on thursday I’ve had a lot to think about. A few people wrote on my facebook wall that I shouldn’t give up and that I’m actually doing ok. Many many thanks for your encouragement and support. Just to clear away any doubts, I am not going to quit and in fact it has spurred me to find new ways and strategies to do better.

Technique is important not only in sports but in all skills that we want to acquire. When I started training for the triathlon, I said to myself that it doesn’t matter if I’m not be the fastest as long as I’m the one with the best technique. At that time, running was my biggest obstacle and the one with the greatest likelihood of injury especially when I consider that I weighed in at 120kg. That’s a lot of pounding on the knees and ankles so my technique better be good.

That’s when I found the POSE Method of running. I took a class in POSE running, did the drills to death and I’m happy to say that my running is actually good considering the excess weight I’m still carrying and I’ve been getting faster and faster. My technique in running is by far not perfect but that’s the beauty of technique. There’s always something to do to get better.

So I ordered a book last week on POSE Method for triathlons, which contains POSE Method for swimming, cycling and running. The book arrived from Amazon.com this afternoon. I’m going to eat, sleep and breath this book for the next few weeks in my efforts to continue improving my technique in all 3 disciplines of the triathlon.

I did some of the POSE Method swim drills tonight and I can already feel a different sensation in my strokes.


I did a light swim workout tonight, trying out some of the drills. I still don’t completely understand the logic of what Dr Romanov is talking about (but heh, I just got the book a few hours ago. Let me read and digest). I think it has brought the fun back for me when I swim.

Want to improve something or go after a goal, imagine yourself doing it as a child. For example, model and emulate how a child learns how to walk (including the enthusiasm, commitment and the way failure is handled) then you can get yourself in the state of learning.

Tomorrow I’m going to the pool again and I want to try more drills. Wish me luck…..

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