Daily Log 17 April 2011


After the fiasco of last night’s Energizer Night Race, I took today very easily and lazily. I woke up at about 10 after having gone to sleep at about 3. We sort of have this NCIS festival, watching the TV series DVD back to back. We’re now in Season 3 and Agent Todd had just been assassinated by the Israeli rogue agent.

Anyway, enough about NCIS. Back to my Daily Log.


I spent a great deal of the morning writing my Race Report for last night’s run. It took me well over 2 hours of writing to get all my thoughts out. Quite a piece I must say. I wanted to make sure I write all my experience down both as a way to make sure I remember what happened and to brush up my writing. Reading the piece now, I wish I had added more things in it. Maybe I’ll write an addendum.

Still, the race was something that I and a lot of others, will not forget in awhile. The comments are still being posted on the Energizer Night Race Facebook Page. There’s a lot of annoyed people out there and I am sure monday’s going to be interesting.


To finish of the week I went on a night run tonight. A simple 5 km tempo run. I have to admit, I ate too much during dinner (treated ourselves to Pizza Hut tonight) and found the run to be a bit too uncomfortable for my stomach. Not one to give up I pushed on for the 1 hour run I had planned.

The temo run was simple:

Phase 1 15 minutes warm up
Phase 2 10 minutes moderate pace
Phase 3 10 minutes hard race pace
Phase 4 10 minutes moderate pace
Phase 5 15 minutes warm down.

The POLAR data:

Time 60 mins
Average cadence 67 (79 for hard pace)
Average stride length 60 cm (69 cm for hard pace)
Average Heart Rate 73% MHR (84% for hard pace)
Running distance 4.73 km
Calories burnt 780 kcal

My pace during the hard run Phase 3 is about 7.50 mins per km which if I sustained would bring me to to a time of 37 mins for the 5km. I have to learn to sustain this pace at the 80%-85% heart rate so that I can bring my time down.

I felt quite good with tonight’s run and it sort of makes up for last nights disaster.

Tomorrow is light an easy day. Well deserved I think.

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