Daily Log 16 May 2011




There are 65 days to go to the PD Triathlon. There’s a part of me that wishes time would hurry up and there’s another part that wants time to slow down. I’ve been training for the last 7 months for this and though there’s always that fear of the unknown, I do know I’m having the time of my life and have never felt more satisfied and alive. Maybe I’ll just surprised myself on that day.


No running or cycling or any of that fun stuff today. Today is supposed to be an easy day spending some time in the pool. I haven’t been abe to go to my triathlon swim workout for the last 2 weeks and like last week I’m feeling a little bit guilty. I am not one to miss things and I don’t plan something only to miss it. The only possible explanation I have is that the National Aquatic Center is quite far from where I live. I am more of a Lone Ranger when it comes to things that I devote my time to and I think part of my lack of action here is because the workout is done in groups. Have to get over that and just get myself there. The workout is held 3 times a week and I have to make sure I go to at least 1 every week.

Tonight I swam at mu usual place a stone’s throw from where I live.

Did my warm up and then spent the next 40 minutes swimming with the paddle and the pullbuoy. It’s not supposed to be a hard workout today so I spent the time going easy and focussing on my form (which is getting better, not ideal but at least better). I spent an hour in the pool and managed to burn just over 300 cal. I remember spending the same amount of time in the pool nearly 3 months ago and burning more than twice that. That’s a great sign for swimming but not so great for losing weight.

Tomorrow is bike and run day. Let’s see what happens.

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