Daily Log 16 March 2011 – Elliptical trainer


Ever since my revelation about training slow to run faster all the workouts I do has a whole new meaning for me. I didn’t want to push myself too hard today as I have already done one medium hard workout on my run this morning. Tonight is cross training night so I hopped on my elliptical trainer a Reebok c5.1e Elliptical trainer which I bought 1 year ago. I used to workout on it almost ever day when I started my get fit saga 1 year ago but when I started running, I sort of neglected it because of what I perceived as a lack of ‘drama’ and intensity. Now I look at it with new found interest as it is a great way to build my aerobic endurance and it’s low impact on the joints.

I started very slowly on intensity 1 and upped the intensity every 6 minutes. My heart rate gradually rose from 55% all the way to 75% when I upped the intensity to 6 30 minutes after I started. This follows my new workout rule on warming up.  To bring my heart rate to 85% MHR. I had to increase my stride rate from 45 to 75 per minutes. After staying at 85% MHR for 10 minutes I began to warm down bringing the intensity from 6 to 1 slowly and my heart rate from 85% MHR to 50% MHR slowly in 15 minutes.

My average heart rate was 62% MHR. That felt like such a great workout.

Remember, train slow to race faster………


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