Daily Log 15 May 2011




Do you hold yourself back? When you are on the verge of success do you suddenly find yourself slowing down? I’ve discovered that I do.

I’ve noticed something while I’m running. During the second 5km of the 10km Larian Bomba 2011 I suddenly found myself running at an extremely fast pace. I looked at my Polar data for the run, did some quick calculations and I found that I was running at a pace of about 6min per km for a good 2km. My Polar was indicating that my heart rate was hovering at about 89% MHR during that stretch. I remember thinking to myself, ‘hey. Why are you running so fast Reza’?

Once I had that thought I stopped running and just walked. At that time I wasn’t really thinking that much. After walking for about 300m I started running again though this time at my usual pace of about 9mins per km and I stayed that way until the end of the race.

It happened again today. I went out for a run at Bukit Damansara. The route was about 5km and its very hilly. I wasn’t running to break any pace record for myself and just wanted to enjoy running this new route. During the last 2km I find myself running faster and faster and I knew then that I was also running at the same ‘blistering’ pace I ran for that 2km stretch of the Larian Bomba. I was running at a very fast pace (for me) and though it was tough and hard I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t fatigued at all. And again I remember thinking to myself, ‘why are you running so fast Reza’?

Once I had that thought I stopped running with about 500m to go and started walking. The last 500m is marked by a very steep hill so it would have taken a lot of effort for me to get up there at the same pace. I know it’s unlikely that I will run at the same pace uphill but at least I would be running instead of walking.

I realise as I was cooling down after the run that something in me that’s holding me back. It was as if I was afraid of giving my all to the run.  As a result I am not running as well and as fast as I can. I’ve only been seriously running for about 6 months and though I am still about 20k over my ideal weight I am in pretty good shape physically. My heart is strong and my form pretty good.

Yet there’s still a lot of doubt in me about, well, ME.

Perhaps I think too much.

Perhaps I have to begin to trust my instinct more and just not think about it.

Perhaps now is a good time to let myself go. Next time I find myself run that pace again I’m just going to allow my mind and my body to take over and my focus should be on form.

Discover what’s holding you back and just let yourself go.

The worse that can happen is that I run out of steam in which case I’ll just walk (I’m already doing that anyway).

The best that can happen is that I go to a whole new level of running.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Let’s see what happens.


Today I decided to run in Bukit Damansara. The route is 5km (about 7 if you count the warm up and cool down) and is marked by a lot of hills, steep ones at that.

Hill running is going to feature a lot in my running workouts now as a way to build strength and power in my legs. I used to be quite intimidated by hills and I’ve discovered that the trick is to take small steps.

This is a really fun route to run and I’m going to do it as part of my weekly running workouts.

My legs don’t feel as bad now as I thought it would be and I realise that I did that 5km in about 42 minutes despite all the hill running involved. So definitely I am running faster.

I can’t wait for the 7km Larian Hari Keputeraaan Sultan Azlan Shah 2011 next week. This time I’m not going to hold myself back.

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