Daily Log 15 march 2011 – Run and run


See how my running form changed over 4 months

OK. I am deeply inspired to run now after my realisation yesterday. After a whole day of rest yesterday, I woke up and went for a morning run. I ran at my usual location, the park near my home. Today’s workout was a sort of fartlek run. I would run at a pace which was just below 80% MHR. As soon as I exceeded 80% MHR, my Polar FT60 give out a loud yell and I would stop running and walk until my heart rate went to 70% MHR then I would repeat the cycle.

The intention here is to train my body and brain to know the conditions of running at 80% MHR. It would usually take me about 30 seconds to go from 80% to 70%. Even with the slow walk I was managing about 3 mins 30 secs per lap which would have given me a 7km time of 70 minutes. I know it’s still a slow pace and its slower than the 63 minutes I managed during the FT Day 2011 7km Run, the interesting thing is that I was doing it at an average of 73% MHR. When I compare that against the 87% MHR I endured during the race, it’s an incredible revelation and I know I’ll be running faster at this heart rate as I continue to improve running technique and lose the 20kg weight that I am carrying.


I decided to run again tonight but with a different strategy in mine. I’ve been wanting to count my stride and cadence for the longest time. Every time I started counting when I run I would lose the count and give up. I’ve been eyeing a Polar RS800 with the stride sensor which can calculate my cadence, length stride and all that good stuff but I haven’t been able to justify buying another heart rate monitor.

Today I downloaded an app for the iPhone called Free Pedometer GPS+ which is able to use the iPhone to give me the data I wanted.

I ran another 5 km tonight but a bit harder than this morning. My average heart rate tonight was 76% MHR. I obviously ran faster than this morning and have lots of good date to boot. I’m going to analyse the data and write about it later.


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