Daily Log 15 April 2011

Energizer Night Race

OK. Tomorrow is my 3rd race of the year- The Energizer Night Race 2011. The first was the FT Day 2011 7km Run followed by the 5km 2011 World Kidney Run, both in March. Both of these races started in the middle of KL at Dataran Merdeka. The Energizer Night Race is held at the Sepang International Circuit, the venue for Malaysia’s Formula 1 race. The track is exactly 5.5km long and the race I’ve entered is the single lap 5.5km fun run.

I am going to be racer Z1841 – REZA ALI.

Woo hoo and yee haa.

I wrote in the race reports of the previous 2 runs that 1 of my biggest issue is sleep, specifically sleeping the night before the rest. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s nerves of running in an event but I suspect it’s more of a habit issue. I have a thing about working, reading and watching telly late into the night and I usually don’t nod until about 2. Even when I planned to sleep early (by early I mean 11 or 12) I can’t seem to get myself to sleep and I’d end up tossing and turning. This is a problem I have to deal with as most events are in wee hours of the morning.

Not this race though.

This race will be held in the evening so there’s no stress for me there. We’re supposed to register before 6 PM so my plan is to leave the house at about 4 and reach the venue about 5 PM. Im really not sure about the parking situation there hence the early time. The few times I was at the circuit parking was a real bummer and it was at least a half hour walk. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it gives me the chance to warm up slowly.

As fas as any jitters are concerned, I do have some lingering thoughts. Most of these thoughts centre around the rush of the start. In the last 2 races the start really messed up my rhythm and it took me awhile to get back into my normal rhythm of running. I honestly felt like I was in the middle of a stampede. Tomorrow I’m going to make sure I don’t get sucked into the nightmare of adrenaline rush. I’m going to stay way back and allow the fast runners to get in front of me. If I can help it, I want to be the last person so that I won’t get distracted. There’s going to be 10000 runners there which is going to be the largest crowd I’ve ran in. Phew.

My personal medal timing?

Gold – 35 minutes and below
Silver – between 39 minutes 15 secs and 35 minutes (my current personal best for 5km is 39 minutes 15 secs)
Bronze – below 50 minutes

(What’s a personal medal timing? I give myself a target of gold, silver and bronze. This is my way to acknowledge and celebrate wins)

How am I feeling?

Well, definitely better than the last 2 races. I feel very calm at the moment and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the race is in the evening. Maybe things will change tomorrow morning or afternoon.

My legs feel good. My run yesterday was smooth and I feel very energised. Tomorrow morning I’ll go for a walk just to get the blood flowing.

Tonight I’ll do some visualisation and I’ll be ready for the race.


I took it easy today as part of my preparation for the Energizer Night Race. So I spent an hour on the elliptical cross trainer at very low heart rate. I didn’t push hard and just kept my heart rate at an average of 65% for 60 minutes.

American Idol was on and I got to see Paul Macdonald get eliminated. What a shame. I actually liked him and am wondering why some of the other contestants are still around.

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