Daily Log 14 May 2011




It’s the weekend which is usually time to get some long workouts in. And the saturday workout didn’t disappoint. I did a brick Bike/Run workout today- 40km on the bike and 30 minutes running.


The bike workout is the longest one I’ve done so far. This wasn’t a time trial and I wanted to ride at a low heart rate and just focus on getting the distance and time in. I was on the bike for 109 minutes and it felt like an eternity.

I burnt about a thousand calories in the process which is great for my weight loss. Though my heart rate was under control at about 61% MHR my legs were truly burning and I was literally counting down the metres. I felt like I was going at a snail’s pace and wanted to stop. But I plodded on and managed to complete the workout. I did have a break in the middle for 10 minutes just to stretch my legs. Now it’s time for the 10 minutes transition run.


The transition from bike to run today was especially challenging. My legs (not to mention my butt) were sore from the nearly 2 hours I spent on the bike. Every step I took for the first few minutes were agony but I knew it’s something to push through. After just 5 minutes of running (or trying to run) I managed to get my running legs back. I knew I was supposed to go for a easy run this afternoon as part of the 10km training and since I started to feel strong during the transition run I decided to go for it and do a proper running workout. I was supposed to go for a 30 minute easy jog anyway and there was no need to get intense for this run.

Sometimes we need to listen to our body when we workout bur most of the time it’s about listening for signs to stop. The signs today was telling me to go on running. Good thing I did listen because I started getting fatigued about 15 minutes into the run so it was another wall to push through. Walls are good as it a sign of growing. Pushing through pain like this prepares me for what I think I will have to go through when I do the triathlon in July.

Tomorrow is a long run day. Again, not intense and with any real pace. Just slow and steady. This time i have to be really disciplined and not go start running faster.

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